Maximixing Your Article Exposure

You can gain a lot of publicity by writing articles and using them wisely. In fact, you can promote your business very successfully if you know how to use your articles to your benefit. What are some ways to maximize your articles to your benefit?

First of all, be sure to include your byline at the end of each article. This byline will include your business and contact information. You want to get credit where credit is due.

1) When others refer a potential customer to you, give them one of your articles as a free gift. It will be your “thank you” gift.

2) When readers of your online newsletter, or ezine, send you requested information, reward them by giving them one of your articles.

3) Place articles on autoresponders.

4) Use your articles as weekly tips for magazines, other online newsletters, or hard copy newsletters.

5) Post individual articles in frames and hang around your office. Visitors will see them and comment on them. If visitors do not comment on them, they will undoubtedly take notice. Framed articles appear impressive.

6) Archive your articles on your web site. This is what Associated Content has you doing, hopefully. There is a link that you can cut and paste onto your site. Your site will be updated automatically as soon as your articles are published.

7) Give permission on your website for others to republish if they include a full bio.

8) Publish an electronic book by grouping together your articles. Electronic books are very popular now. Offer your book at a reasonable cost. Let others know why they ought to purchase it. Inform them what they will learn. Also let them know why you are an expert in your field.

9) Swap articles with other ezine publishers. Contact other ezine (online newsletter) publishers and ask them about this. This is a great way to increase your article exposure while putting your articles to work for you.

10) Once customers purchase your product, throw in an added bonus of one of your articles.

11) Use copies of your articles in your press release (media) kit. Have a printed copy available so others can read about your expertise.

12) Include copies of your articles in your new client packet. When obtaining a new client, printed copies of your articles will show that you are “in the news”.

13) Print copies of your articles. Have a stack of the copies available for your customers to pick up while visiting your office. It will give them something to read and learn more about you.

14) Post your articles online at various article “pubs”. Each article site has subcategories. Find the category that best suits your topic area and submit your article.

15) Contact various training organizations such as colleges and seminar presenters. Ask them if your article would make a welcome addition to their training materials packet. Think of all the students and presenters your article will reach. This is a great way to maximize your articles.

16) Submit your article to general knowledge directories such as

NOTE: The majority of these suggestions apply only when you have not signed away your copyright ownership to your articles. If you have signed away your copyright ownership, you are not authorized to distribute your articles however you feel. Someone else owns them.

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