Melinda Duckett’s MySpace Journal Entries

WESH2’s I-Team has obtained 13 journal entries from Melinda Duckett’s MySpace weblog. Although she had her MySpace page blocked to the public, allowing only people she added as friends to view and comment on the content of her page, she left no key information as to the whereabouts of her missing son, Trenton.

The 13 MySpace blog entries obtained by WESH 2, were mostly composed in rhyming sequence, but only revealed that she was a confused and burdened woman with no real happiness other than her son. The name she used for her profile is Mee Kee ong Lee, possibly Duckett’s birth name. She was adopted from Korea at four months of age. She also used the alias “Fox.”

She gave no real information about herself. She disclosed her age, location, and picture, but nothing more. Although most of the journal entries reflected her love for her son, she did make reference to men that used MySpace as an avenue to pursue her for romantic relationships.

Melinda Duckett typed her journal entries in all capital letters, and made it clear she had a lot of pressure and burden with being so young and having the responsibilities of being a single mother. One journal entry is as follows: “One component that I hold extremely valuable in my life is my son. His name is Trenton and I have a feeling that many of the people I talk to do not know about him ? and even after they read this, being the fact that they are trying to date me instead of being friends and do not want a child involved.”

Another entry, with the title “Can’t Understand,” posted in June, paints a picture of how troubled Duckett really was: “Why can not anyone understand, the burdens I hold within my hand. Life can not be all fun for I, so many issues that I have to hide.”

A month later she writes another entry, posted in rhyme, apparently to send a message to someone: “I set my expectations too high. They were already in place before you came by. It’s not your fault for this disaster, the actions were made and the warnings after.”

She left behind no key information that would disclose the whereabouts of her missing son, or what fate he may have met along the way, as many had hoped she would. She also makes no indication that she knows anything about where her child could be, or who could have taken him. The last date her account was accessed was September 7, 2006. The next day she would be dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The police are not releasing her journal entries to the public yet. WESH 2 was able to obtain 13 of them with help of blog expert Steve Huff in Atlanta

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