Memorable Marketing with USB Flash Drives

In recent years, portable USB flash drives have become increasingly popular for transporting and transferring computer files. These flash drives, also known as thumb drives, pen drives, USB fob or jump drives are available in a wide variety of styles and memory capacities. With this recent popularity of flash memory devices, competitive pricing has made these handy units very affordable.

One of the best 21st century marketing and promotional items that businesses and organizations have discovered is custom logo flash drives. These reusable flash drives are a perfect way to market or promote your company, business or organization with a logo printed directly on the flash drive. Wholesale flash drive suppliers that specialize in large quantity USB flash drive orders are offering this unique service as part of a bulk order to companies or organizations wanting to take advantage of this unique, practical way to keep their brand name in front of your customers.

The following four ways are some creative uses for custom logo USB flash drives to promote your business or organization:

1. Company Marketing and Promotion: Out With The Old, In With The New
Anyone who has been to a tradeshow or conference in the past decade knows that most companies hand out CDs with product data, catalogs, video presentations or slideshows. While this is an effective way to deliver information to potential customers, it provides no additional benefit to the customer. In many cases the CD will be put in a shelf or drawer and forgotten or even worse, tossed in the trash. * A more effective approach to reaching potential customers is to include your electronic marketing files on a custom USB drive. Company logos and website addresses can be custom printed on the side of the jump drive.

* In addition to the traditional information that is usually distributed electronically, a full archive of podcasts or blog entries could be collected on a thumb drive and sent to existing customers to generate repeat business or to prospective clients to further introduce your services and products.

* The added benefit of distributing this information on a USB pen drive is that your customer can use the unit everyday to conveniently store their own files along side yours. This means your company name or web address will be in front of them every time they plug or unplug the flash drive from the USB port.

2. Graphic and Web Designers: Your Portfolio on a Custom Jump Drive
Graphic designers can create a full portfolio that is easily distributed using a jump drive.

* Different categories of work can be stored in separate folders such as company logos, letterhead and business card design, corporate identity packages, brochures, book or CD cover layouts.

* In addition the designer can add shortcuts to existing websites they have designed as well as to their own website for contact info and additional examples of their work.

3. Fitness Professionals: Transfer Recorded Workouts to Portable Flash Drives
A workout that is guided by a personal trainer can motivate and inspire you to reach new fitness goals.

* Workouts can be recorded in MP3 format and loaded onto a custom thumb drive.

* The person who is exercising can select the type of workout they want and then load it onto an MP3 player to listen to while exercising.
* As the trainer takes the listener through the workout, music can be added in the background to increase the intensity.

* Additionally, short video clips can be loaded on the pen drive to demonstrate proper form.

4. Non-Profit Organizations: Flash Drives as a Premium Incentive Gift
USB keyfobs can have a twofold use for non-profit organizations.

* A simple approach is to use them as a premium incentive gift for a donation. The charity’s name or slogan can be custom imprinted on the body of the pen drive.

* The charity’s story can be told with the files stored on board including slideshows of previous work, documents outlining the need for donations and fund raising goals.

* The most effective message could be a short video presentation with “thank you” messages from those who have benefited from the non-profit’s efforts.

The possibilities for using a custom flash memory drive to promote or market your business or service are nearly endless. You can harness the power to quickly deliver large files and content as well as to give the recipient a convenient tool they can use everyday.

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