Memorial Day Travel Tips

While there is debate about the origins of Memorial Day, there is no doubt that it is the kickoff of the Summer holiday travel season. Memorial Day travel is a rite for some while others may be planning their first Memorial Day getaway. Many will take advantage of the extended weekend to get away for some fun and excitement. A holiday weekend certainly means more automobiles will be on the road. Here are some tips to stay safe for your Memorial Day travel plans.

If you are traveling in an automobile, obey all the posted speed limits. While this may seem obvious, law enforcement officials will be out in full force to make sure motorists are driving the speed limit. With the increased traffic, obeying the speed limit can help you react to an emergency response that may occur on the road.

Consider driving with your lights on, even during the day. This makes you more visible to other motorists. It’s just a nice safety precaution that can easily be done.

Before leaving on your trip, check your spare tire to make sure it is properly inflated. Put a jug of water in your trunk just in case your car gets overheated. An emergency vehicle kit containing jumper cables and other essentials would also be helpful should you have a situation on the Interstate.

Check all fluid levels in your vehicle before leaving for your Memorial Day trip. If you are unsure where to check the oil, transmission fluid(if applicable), and brake fluid then consider taking it into reputable service place. If not, check your owner’s manual as this information should clearly be labeled. Check the radiator too and add water or antifreeze if needed.

Another very important to keep safe this Memorial Day weekend is to not drink and drive. Drinking can impair your senses and make you less likely to react in a timely fashion to road emergencies. Also drinking and driving is illegal. Have a good time, but be responsible.

Many motorist will be traveling this Memorial Day. Be safe, and watch out for your fellow motorists so everyone arrives safely at their destination.

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