Men Aren’t as Difficult as They Come Off to Be

I know from the title of this article you were lost from the start! That’s just how men were created by GOD and as women we fail to caress that side. So for all the pouty, over-crowding want to run their mouths during the high lights that you rushed home from work to see women; I sincerely apologize.

As women why shouldn’t we take time to learn a man’s chemical makeup. Figure out what makes him tick. So that way we’ll know when to shut up and when to smile. Why not cater to his faint fantasy of you bringing him a cold beer (already open) in those favorite lacey panties he thinks compliments your apple bottom.

Fella’s not out? what’s wrong with giving some of that under the cover action regardless to the cologne of tequila he happens to wear on his breath along with the pug net aroma of bar smoke. Men as a whole just want to be men, with women! After so long of the dinners for two, chick flicks and conversations about your dreams and your aspirations; guys convert back to sports all day, beer and porn.

That’s pretty much considered the simple life, so why can’t us women just take it like it’s given ? We all know men can only handle one romantic escape (that probably took him 30 years to put together) every sixteen months.

Just know fellas, you are being heard! And women are known to not listen but if no one understands the mechanics of a man, please trust and believe that I do. But know the grass will never be greener on the other side because women never convert back, we will always expect our dinners for two, chick flicks and conversations of future dreams and aspirations.

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