Mercora: An Overview of Legalized Music File Sharing

For radio with a live style and feel, streaming music, filled with a community based appeal, check out the latest and greatest in online music file sharing with Mercora. Providing peer to peer music file sharing, CD quality sound and compliance with federal regulations, Mercora offers the cyber world a new dimension in music listening enjoyment.

Similar to the community based networking on, Mercora offers a social networking system with over three million songs which can be customized to your personal profile preferences. Best of all, the service is free, no software is required and the Mercora streaming music digital program is compatible with IM Radio Mobile, Yahoo, AOL, Goggle, ICQ and MSN Hotmail IM program. In additional, the streaming radio broadcast program is spyware free and compatible with Windows 2000, XP and 2003 servers. And, coming soon, Mercora plans to incorporate streaming radio digital technology into the Mac and Linux arenas.

With over 325,000 members, predominantly in the United States and Canada, Mercora offers streaming digital radio in a broad range of genres from Latin to country, from hip-hop to contemporary, from top 40 music to classical. As a free streaming digital radio broadcast, Mercora allows for advertising within each profile site. By doing so, the service remains efficient, effective and free to the streaming radio listening consumers.

So how does Mercora obtain the streaming radio we so love to hear? It’s quite easy. As each member profile is activated, your computer hard drive is scanned for available music files. These files are captured and presented, in groups of ten, to the international public. By doing so, your music files are shared with the world and the world, in turn, shares files with you. In addition to streaming radio files, Mercora offers the member an opportunity to customize a profile, participate in chats, forums, research various artists and even purchase tickets to concerts, books, CDs and more.

Disadvantages to the streaming radio program involve the quality of sound. Because files are shared via streaming radio, the opportunity for periodic buffering silence is inevitable. Additionally, the Mercora streaming radio program is just that, “streaming radio”. As a result, music files can not be downloaded and saved to your personal computer. The concept with Mercora is to build a community based site, similar to that of the concept, free of charge to the consumer, while allowing for regulatory compliance peer to peer music file sharing.

For more information or to join into a social, community based, digital streaming radio platform today, visit Mercora at

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