Microwave Popcorn Health Scare

A recent news piece on CNN Prime News Tonight with Erica Hill revealed evidence that microwave popcorn could be harmful to your health. In the news piece it was discovered that Fluorooctanoic Acid was shown to be in high levels in microwave popcorn bags.

Fluorooctanoic Acid, which is added to the microwave-popcorn bags as a resistant coating, releases onto the popcorn when the bag is heated up and is then absorbed into the bloodstream and stays there for a long time. This chemical appears to be carcinogenic in lab animals. The FDA is now studying the affects of this chemical in greater detail.

In addition to the problem above, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is studying a different problem associated with the butter flavoring in microwave popcorn. NDTV.com had this to report: “Exposure to vapors from butter flavoring in microwave popcorn has been linked to a rare lung disease contracted by factory workers in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.” The companies who manufacture the harmful Teflon chemical stated they will eliminate the chemical by the year 2015.

So what can you do in the meantime? Popcorn has become a staple and is also an affordable luxury in these troubled economic times. Recently I discovered all was not lost and I would still be able to enjoy a newer brand of microwave popcorn. A new company, headed by Jaci Rae, has come up with an affordable, practical and convenient solution that will help ensure you and your family isn’t being exposed to toxic chemicals when eating this delectable treat.

Granny’s Natural Microwave Popcorn comes with natural FDA approved microwave popcorn bags, a recipe booklet and more. There are no additives, preservatives and/or chemicals that are now being found in the microwave-popcorn you’re used to. You and your family deserve to know you are safe before 2015. http://www.grannysnaturalpopcorn.com

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