Milk & Honey

I live in the land of milk and honey
Showered with excess, indulgence and money.
Greed rules this domain
Ludicrous perversions drive me insane.
I live in the land of much and plenty
Yet children in the streets beg for pennies
I live where marbles line the floors
Gold handles on all of the doors
Bolt, lock and key, to keep the peasants out
Turn up your stereo to not hear them shout.
I live in the land of super size
Nip and tuck and change your eyes
I live were shallow is the norm
Obsess and suffer to change your form
I live were we pretend to be free
But within us all, hides a bit of misery.
Here in this whole, we turn our eyes
Pretend not to see corruption and lies
I live in the land of the free and the brave
Still I’m awed at how we behave.
Hate your brother, betray your wife
For a quick high sacrifice your life.
Here in the land of, “In God we trust”
We are slaves to power and lust.
I live in the land of milk and honey

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