Mini-pet Apartment

This is a great project to do with your child. Together you can build this project in one afternoon. Kids love to paint and help in the design. More than one coat of paint may be desired. And as your mini pet collection grows more “apartment tiles” can be added.

Step 1 – Collect materials: modeling clay plastic containers without lids, piece of cardboard (we used the back of a writing tablet), hot glue and hot glue gun, paint and paint brushes

Step 2 – Arrange clay containers in desired pattern on cardboard

Step 3 – Hot glue each cup in desired position and let cool

Step 4 – Paint and let dry

After the paint is dry decorations can be added like glitter or ribbons, sequins or maybe confetti. It may be easier to paint the clay containers before gluing them to the cardboard backing.

To make a super flashy “apartment tile” decorate clay containers before gluing to cardboard backing this way each “apartment” has its own unique personality and style. I love glitter so I would glitter each cup in a different color or texture of glitter then place them on the board farther apart than in the picture. More ideas would include yarn or feathers. We used the cardboard backing from a writing tablet because of the holes (for hanging) and convenience but regular card stock or poster board could be used just as well and would already be the desired color without having to paint it.

T-shirt lights could even be used by drilling a hole in the bottom of each cup and placing a light from the back through the cup. Care would need to be used in hiding the on/off switch and battery compartment. If lights are to be used the cardboard backing should be changed for a thin wood plank instead. A shadow box with cardboard used in place of the glass would be a wonderful way to do this style of “apartment tile”.

Another idea would be to print labels for the clay containers in a theme. This would eliminate the need for paint although I believe painting is the favorite step for preschoolers. Little doors could be manufactured with foam board circles. Hinges could easily be made by gluing ribbon to the top of the container and the top of the circle creating a flap like door. If your “apartment tile” will include doors it would be best to assemble the doors on first then decorate the containers after so that the ribbon hinges look tidy and neat.

To go further in this project using wooden craft letters or even letters cut from construction paper you could assemble a name or title for your apartments. Simply cut poster board backing taller than needed for apartment containers and arrange letters as desired. For the one we made I would probably use “Hannah’s Pets” .

No matter how you decorate it just be sure that your decorations still allow your mini pets to fit into the containers. Have fun and let your imagination sore!

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