Modern Ideas for a Finished Basement

Basements are often considered dark, dank, spider infested, laundry and utility spaces. Probably not what most families would choose for a gathering space or family room. However with the right finishing and personal touches a basement could be the gathering place of choice for the whole family.

There are companies that specialize in designing basements exclusively. The first thing to do is decide what elements you want to have in your finished basement. Would you like one big open room? A few smaller rooms? Bathroom? French Doors? The options are endless. It is your space, think of it like a blank canvas and imagine the possibilities.

After you decide how you would like to lay out the area you need to check the moisture level in the basement and take care of any seepage or leaking problems. This could require a professional and may cost, but it will be worth it to eliminate the risk of leaks that could mess up the flooring or walls. Then handle the plumbing areas if you are going to have any kind of bathroom or sink. Take care of any pest problems, clean thoroughly, making sure to get rid of all dust and mildew. Now you are ready to begin decorating. Painting the walls, moving in the furniture, choosing and installing the lighting and flooring, all of these are just the basics. Once you have set up the space you can use it however you like. You could make your own basement theater room with a projection screen and stadium seating, microwave for popcorn and a fridge for drinks; a complete billiard room with a pool table, cue racks on the wall, stereo and wet bar; a spa room, with a steam shower, tanning bed, massage table, and hot tub; and a home library with book shelves from floor to ceiling, and comfy leather furniture with adjustable lighting fixtures. The only limit to what can be done with your basement is your financial situation and the amount of space you have. Although one other thing to take into consideration is whether you have the patience, time and skills to finish the basement as a do it yourself project or if you want to hire someone to take care of it for you. Either way the basement in your home could be transformed from unused, unfinished space that no one uses into the family’s favorite area of the house. No more worries about the damp darkness, no more squishing spiders every time someone goes down the stairs. Your basement will be warm and welcoming, dry and comfortable. All it takes is a little planning and preparation.

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