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Are you searching for tips and ideas on simple living and saving money? Here are some personal finance websites that may help you be frugal, have fun, and save money!

The Dollar Stretcher (
This site lists their offering as “Your weekly resource for simple living”, and “Living better for less”. They have been around since 1996 and are my favorite money saving site.

The Dollar Stretcher states that their collection of free money saving articles is the largest in the world. I have found the extent of their resources impressive. Dollar Stretcher provides thousands of articles on simple living, frugality, and money saving within over 80 finance related categories.

To see the huge collection of articles, click on the index link at the bottom of their homepage. You will see large list of personal finance topics, many with dozens and dozens of articles each. Examples of categories covered include: appliances, babies, banking, budgets and budgeting, children, Christmas, cleaning, home organization, credit repair, daycare, debt, electricity – cutting your bill, groceries and food, home repair, crafts, coupons, and much more.

The Dollar Stretcher also offers a free weekly email newsletter on money saving topics. Another interesting feature is their “Your Story” section, where readers tell their own experiences with personal finance and money saving. There also is a “How Much” section, a grocery spending survey that shares helpful submissions from readers.

Saving Advice (
The Saving Advice site lists their focus as “teaching you to save money”. They aim to help you reach your money goals by offering budgeting articles, saving money tips and newsletters, finance terms and calculators, and freebies.

Saving Advice also offers a free place to start your own personal finance blog, and be part of a community of people interested in personal finance, debt reduction, investing etc. In addition, there are financial forums and articles on the latest financial news on the website.

Living A Better Life (
This site states their focus as “The free money saving tips ezine”. By signing up, Living A Better Life suggests you can save money through thousands of free tips on all kinds of financial topics such as grocery savings, budgeting, and frugal family fun.

The ezine also offers several regular columns: Living a Better Life, Financial Journey, Black Belt Shopper, Credit Wise, and Frugal Parenting. Additional columns are featured each month on topics such as budget decoration, frugal recipes, homemade crafts and gifts, and more.

Mommysavers (
This site states their focus as “Moms Living Well Off for Less”, through support from other moms on the Internet; work at home resources, best Internet bargains, and money saving ideas.

They offer a free weekly newsletter and helpful articles on personal finance and money saving. The site also has a discussion forum and a blog. Some of their many departments include: Coupons to print, Coupon codes, Freebies, Real mom profiles, Baby money saving tips, Bargain shopping, Blog – financial follies of frugal Jo, Cooking, Groceries, and Recipes, Fun activities for kids, Frugal craft ideas, Holidays, Discussion forums, and more.

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