Monkey Around at the London Zoo

The London zoo was first opening in 1828, and was closed off from the public. Rather than being used as a public viewing place for animals, the zoo was used as a safe place for London to house exotic and rare animals were scientists could study them. Nineteen years later the zoo’s doors were finally opened to the public, and the zoo quickly gained popularity, making it now one of the most famous zoo’s in the world.

The London Zoo is now home to over five thousands different animals. The zoos collection of hippos, bears, birds, giraffes and small mammals are stretched out over the zoo’s thirty-six acres of beautiful landscape, tunnels, gardens, and bridges.

In addition to providing a safe place for animals to live, and a wonderful environment for the public to see them, the London zoo also provides a habitat for a variety of animals that are considered “threatened”. For these animals in particular the zoo participates breeding programs that are designed to help continue the life of the species, and prevent it from becoming extinct.

If you are planning a trip to the zoo, the zoo offers a variety of different options for you. The zoo offers free admittance to all London school groups, and has special accommodations for those who want to have conferences or business meetings on the zoo’s property. There are also special accommodations for those who are interested in getting married at the zoo, or holding a special party. The zoo has its own dining facilities, and catering available for special events that are planned in advance.

For those traveling on their own, or in a small personal group a stop by the information booth upon your arrival may be useful. At the zoo’s information booth you can find information of zoo activities going on during your visit, as well as the feeding times for each animal. Children and adults alike can enjoy watching the zoo animals at mealtime. Some of the zoo’s more popular animals around lunchtime are the penguins that can swallow a fish in one single gulp, and the predator birds that swoop down gracefully scooping up their prey.

Harry Potter fans may enjoy a trip to the reptile house. The famous snake scene in the first Harry Potter movie “Harry potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” was filmed in the reptile house at the London Zoo.

If the zoo is your thing, then you may want to consider purchasing a membership to the zoo. In exchange for heir monetary contribution to the zoos upkeep, zoo members enjoy free membership to the zoo anytime they want year round, as well as invitations to special “members-only” events throughout the year.

The London Zoo is must-see for any local, or any tourist visiting the London area. Nowhere else in the world can you see the same collection of animals is such a terrific atmosphere. Experience the wonder of the zoo!

10am until 5.30pm (March-Oct); 10am – 4pm (Oct-March)

Outer Circle
Regent’s Park
London NW1 4RY
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7722 3333
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7586 5743

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