Moon River Ranch in Texas: US’ First Cosmetic Dental Resort



Yes, why lie in some sterile office building while you’re getting your veneers or your smile lift? Asks writer Heather Svokos.

“Instead you could be taking toothy mollifying to operatic new heights, living for the weekend at a 550-acre ranch resort filled with overstuffed leather furniture, antiques, a natural rock pool, waterfalls, and palm trees,” she says. “After all, if the apocalypse is coming, might as well greet it in a relaxed manner, with a dazzling smile.”

Welcome to Moon River Ranch, the place that Svokos said is being called the country’s first cosmetic dental resort.

But wait: Lest you think this is some rooty-tooty West coast trend, the ranch opened May 19th just outside Waco, TX.

“Instead of scheduling numerous office visits with their local dentist,” Dr. Ritchie Beougher says in the press material, “my guests can receive a smile makeover in as little as four hours, leaving ample time to enjoy all of the other amenities at Moon River Ranch.”

According to a recent article Beougher says that most of his patients come from London and New York, wanting to hang out in Texas.

Chris experienced a dental procedure with Sonicare on her vacation.

“Calling a Sonicare thingy an electric toothbrush is like calling a Ferrari transportation,” she said. “Sonicare is a doctor-approved dental care system which harnesses the power of a billion suns and your hyperactive mother in order to focus 22nd Century sonic technology on the elimination of plaque and tartar.”

Kristin Gerencher, a writer, says to research quality and not just prices before scheduling a dental vacation abroad.

“It hardly seems like an ideal vacation agenda – a root canal in Hungary, for instance,” said Gerencher. “While figures are hard to come by, the trend of Americans seeking non-emergency abroad appears to be rising as more people become uninsured or have to contend with large up front costs of high-deductible health plans.”

Michelle Sanford of the Massachusetts Dental Society says most vacationers are unprepared for a dental emergency while on vacation.

“As upsetting as a dental emergency is at home it may be even more upsetting and stressful when you’re traveling and unprepared,” said Sanford. “There’s nothing like a toothache to ruin a good vacation.”

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