More Ways to Save on Your Gas and Heating Bill

The heating bill seems to go up every year and it’s getting more, and more expensive to heat your homes, or apartment. If you want to save money on your heating bill there’s something else you can do, and that is to read your own meter, because, if they estimate your bill for the month you will most definitely pay more. How do I know this is because it happened to me. I received my monthly gas bill as usual and it seem to be awfully high to me, so, I called my gas company to ask why my gas bill was so high. I was not using any heat at all and it was so high. So, I told them I wasn’t using my heat yet, why is my bill so much? They were surprised to learn that I wasn’t using my heat yet because it’s December, and below freezing, so they just knew I was using heat but I wasn’t.

They told me to go outside to read my meter because the bill they sent me was an estimated bill. So, I said OK. I went outside to read my meter, marked all the reading on my gas bill, came back and called them back to read my meter readings to them. After they got the readings from me, the lady came back to the phone and said I only owe $58.00 they had sent me a bill for $108.00, you see the difference. So, they made the changes and sent me a new bill for $58.00 dollars. This is a big different right? can you imagine how long this has been going on and how much money I’ve loss with them estimating my gas bill each month. I’ve been paying gas bills since 1974 so, can you imagine how much money I’ve loss each month because, they’ve been estimating the gas bill every month.

So, if you want more ways to save on your gas, and heating bill it’s best to go outside and read your own meter every month, mark the readings on your gas bill because, with the so call estimating the bill they are ripping off a lot of peoples, and making millions of dollars off there customers. If you want more ways to save on your gas, and heating bill read your own meter than you’ll know that the reading is correct, never let the gas company read your meter because, it’s always going to be more than what the actual reading indicates. They suppose to have a meter readers come out to read the meters each month but, I guess they’re not always doing that, to save money on your gas, and heating bill each month, go outside and read your own meter, record it, than send to your gas company along with your bill.

I guess the surprise to them with me was, they just knew because it’s December I’m using my heat, wrong! This year I decided not to turn on my heat until December, when it really gets cold. Normally, I would turn on my heat in October each year but not this year, they just assumed I was using my heat, so they just estimated the bill without reading my meter. I went two months this year without using my heat so, that right there saved me money because, I normally would have turned the heat on in October threw the beginning of April,before I would turn the heat off so, you see, that’s like six months. With not turning it on till December it’ll only be on for three months and about a week or so, this will definitely save me money this season on my heating bill.

I guess the thing to remember is to never let them estimate your gas, and heating bill if you want to save money. Always read your own meter to get the correct reading. I would have never know this if I had turned on my heat as usual in October. This is more ways to save on your gas and heating bill. besides covering those windows, cracks, and having your home insulated, and putting your thermostats on a timer. If you get cold try using a blanket, or electric blanket, you can also use an electric heater, but never leave it unattended.

We’ve paid enough for gas all ready over the summer to keep our cars running, we don’t need to keep paying more than we should because their estimating the gas and heating bill. They are supposed to have meter readers, to read those meters; I guess they’re not doing that anymore. Well it’s a rip off; read your own meter.

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