Most Overrated People in the Entertainment Industry

There are some people who seem to crave the limelight. And there are others who become famous because of something they did or said. Many people are truly gifted and deserve to be recognized. Others are promoted by the media or hyped in some manner for God only knows what reason. I feel that the real heroes are the everyday people who never get an ounce of recognition. Behind every great person, you can bet there are hundreds or thousands of people who are never known. It is the behind-the-scenes people who make it possible for the “one” person to enjoy the spotlight. There are several people I admire and aspire to be like. However, many celebrities don’t deserve any recognition. They have about as much talent as a manikin. This is my list of overrated people. I don’t hate anyone at all; just scratching my head and wondering what all the fuss is about.

1. Paris Hilton. The only thing I can figure is that because her last name is Hilton, she demands noticing. She can’t act or sing or anything. She is uglier than sin to top it off. Number one on the ignore list.

2. Bratteny Spears. Yes, I said Bratteny. What is the attraction here? All hype and very, very, little talent. Brains? Hardly. Between her and Paris, they rack up the most pages in those quirky entertainment magazines. Sex sells when there is no talent to be had. Too bad she has become the roll model for teenage girls around the world. Did anyone ever tell her that talent is a prerequisite to stardom? Blame the media for this over-promoted monstrosity.

3. Bill Gates. Nothing personal Bill. But your software creation is downright terrible. You took Microsoft public 20 years ago and then took the market hostage and obliterated the competition. So now all we have is your crappy system. It breaks down, it is not user friendly and it is prone to sabotage. After more than two decades of development, you still overcharge for software you can’t seem to get right. It is the prime software used by hacksters around the world to sharpen their skills. How come after all this time it is still so vulnerable? Sorry to say, you made your money from owning stock. And not from creating a superior product worthy of acknowledgment. Microsoft is another over-hyped company. Vista? Who cares?

4. Jennifer Lopez. I know many are wishing the Gods will strike me dead. Another over-exploited not so talented whatever. Can’t act, singing is nothing to rave about, and she is annoying. There are so many of these types that are middle-of-the-road at best. The way they are trumped-up by the media, you would think these people are the greatest, most talented in the world. They came and go so quickly. That is the way of the entertainment industry. They are so hard up for true talent, they let anybody in that can cause some buzz for a short while. Five years from now, she will be history.

5. Carrot Top. What planet did this guy come from? His impersonation of a comedian is one big farce. Totally obnoxious and nauseating. Did I mention he can’t tell a joke; because he is the joke. How can the entertainment industry promote such a loud mouth jerk? This is how far they have to sink to even get close to mediocrity. I have heard this guy is big with the younger generation. Well, I guess its better than listening to a Bratteny CD.

6. Ashley Simpson. No comparison to her sister. This is another example of talent-over-hype. Take away all the fluff and there is simply no real talent. Hopefully, she is continuing to fade from view.

7. Clay Aiken. If this is an example of true talent, then I promise to listen to every Bratteny CD ever made 100 times in a row. Sorry, I just don’t see it when you get past all the hype and glitz. He seems like a Rod Stewart clone, just a little younger. Heaven forbid anyone saying anything bad about American Idol. But if this is the best show on TV, it is proof of how begging the networks are these days. Beauty (presumed or not) will always win over talent in Follywood.

This list could go on for pages when you include politicians or sports figures. The number of self proclaimed super stars is never ending. This is, of course, my opinion and I really have no firm measuring stick. But it is fun to do lists of this type. The bottom line for Hollywood and the media is to promote whatever makes them money. The most popular “anything” will bring in the ad revenues. It doesn’t matter much what the level of talent may be. If it’s hype-able, it will find it’s way into the media.

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