Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Out of Town Moms

If you can’t be with your mom this Mother’s Day because the distance is too far to travel, that doesn’t mean you can’t give her the perfect gift instead. For an out of town mother, gift giving can be complicated. You don’t want to mail anything fragile, and flower delivery gets old after awhile. Here are some creative gift ideas for out of town mothers.

Homemade Cards and Stationery

You and your mother might be separated by distance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate on a regular basis. Sure, you call or email each other, but nothing is quite as personal as a letter. If you and your mother don’t already write to each other, now’s the perfect time to start.

Go to a local craft store like Michaels and buy blank note card or stationery sets. Then, decorate the blank cards or stationery with rubber stamps and pictures cut out of magazines. Make a set for you and a set for your mother, and send your mother’s set to her with a note that explains she’d better start writing to you. For an extra touch, pre-address and stamp the envelopes. Mothers love homemade presents, and now you’ll never have an excuse to lose touch!

Travel Tickets

Got some frequent flier miles you don’t know what to do with? Use them to get your mom a plane ticket to see you this Mother’s Day. If flying your mother to see you is outside your budget, consider train tickets. Amtrak even offers a frequent rider ticket between some locations that your mother can use several times for as long as the ticket is good.

Coffee or Chocolate of the Month Clubs

Does mom have a sweet tooth or a coffee addiction? Consider getting her a gift subscription to a gourmet coffee or chocolate of the month club for Mother’s Day. You won’t have to ship anything yourself, and your mother will know how much you love her all year long.

Day-in-the-Life Scrapbook

If your mother lives really far away and visits are infrequent, make her a scrapbook filled with pictures of you, your family and friends, your home, your pets, your job, and anything else that matters to you. Write captions explaining who and what the pictures are. You can lay out the scrapbook to detail a day in your life, or as a pretend visit where you introduce your mom to all your friends and coworkers and give her a tour of your town. Your mother will be impressed with all the effort you put into her Mother’s Day gift, and she’ll feel as good as if she actually got to visit.

Home Improvement Gift Card

If your mother recently relocated, consider sending her a Home Depot gift card for Mother’s Day. She probably needs things like towel racks and plants to decorate her new place, and a home improvement gift card will show her that you support her decision to move. Your Mother’s Day gift can also double as an absentee housewarming present.

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