Motorola V710 Cell Phone Product Review

When I switched to Verizon for my cell phone service a few months ago I purchased a new Motorola V710 cell phone to go along with my new plan. When I got the phone I was excited about the phone because it had a built in camera, as well as tons of other features that I was looking forward to using.

Ring Tones

The Motorola v710 offers cell phone owners the ability to download songs to play as ring tones. I downloaded a few popular songs that I enjoyed and use them as ring tones for my cell phone. The Motorola v710 will play the actual song complete with lyrics, unlike other cell phones that only play midi version of a popular song.

The phone itself doesn’t come with very many different ring tones to choose from, but you can download almost any song you could possibly want to from your cell phone providers ring tone service.

Built-In Camera

The built in digital camera was a huge disappointment for me with the Motorola v710. This was my first cell phone with a built in digital camera and I was looking forward to being able to send pictures to my friends through the phone or through email. I have several friends with cell phone digital cameras that take fantastic digital pictures, unfortunately that were not the case with the Motorola v710.

All of the pictures I have taken with the camera have come out very blurry and digitized. I would expect that if I was trying to view then larger than the screen on my cell phone, but these pictures have a very poor quality even when they are still physically on the cell phone.

Pictures taken in low light situations always come out black, and pictures taken outside in bright situations are not much better.


You can use the Motorola v710 to shoot very short video clips. The quality of the video is comparable to the quality of the pictures taken using the digital camera. Motorola would have been better off leaving this feature off of the cell phone.

Color Screen

The screen on the Motorola v710 is quite large and easy to see. The phone comes with several different backgrounds and screen savers built in, as well as gives you the ability to make your on pictures the background.

The screen on the phone goes out from time to time. Usually turning the phone off and on solves the problem and everything is back to normal.

Expandable Memory

There is a place on the top of the Motorola v710 where you can put an expandable memory card. By increasing the memory in your phone you can store more pictures, videos and ring tones. I haven’t had the need for additional memory since I do not use the picture function on the phone.

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