Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth picks a very convenient time to be shown across America. Al Gore takes An Inconvenient Truth and makes heads turn with this documentary about global warming and the impact it has had and will have on the world as we know it.

Obviously an independent venture, An Inconvenient Truth lacks special effects and cinematic Hollywood flair, but the film makes up for it by captivating its audience with a wealth of information too hard to ignore. An Inconvenient Truth is a little slow in parts, but the film uses its charts, grids, and maps of the world to explain global warming in terms the average person can understand. Al Gore even throws in some comedic cartoons to lighten the load of information being processed. You feel as though you are sitting in on a class you were almost forced to go to but end up really liking after all is said and done.

The film follows Al Gore, former would-be President of the United States, through a lecture in which he explains to the class what global warming is, how it has progressed over the years and what we can expect in the future if things continue as they are currently. An Inconvenient Truth is reminiscent of Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911” with its underlying narrative and punchy through line. It even has a few clips of President Bush that will leave you in stitches just like its counterpart. The pot of gold at the end of the movie is Melissa Etheridge singing “I Need to Wake Up” as the credit roll.

An Inconvenient Truth is a tale that must be told. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. you will get something out of this movie. Political affiliation need not matter. As long as you are a human being and live on planet Earth, you will be enlightened by the inconvenient truth playing in select theaters nationwide.

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