Movie Theater Attendance in Summer Slump

Attendance at movie theaters nationwide, has steadily decreased over the years, and in second quarter of 2004, movie attendance was down between 12 to 15 percent, compared to previous year. Many reasons attributed to the decline of attendance. Movie ticket prices have been going up almost every year, generally people are more busy raising families, Home Theater use has been gaining popularity, decline in creative new movie ideas, less costly alternative watching a movie or purchasing, including Netflix,, and Blockbuster. Also, aging Baby Boomers don’t frequent movies that often, and cable / Satellite viewers can watch a movie comfortably at home. Marketing to raise attendance, and bring back previous customers to movie theaters is the foundation for creating new incentives or making adjustments to existing marketing ideas. Pricing a movie ticket to high will reduce the number of attendance. Every movie theater has expenses to operate. Small theater’s that have a limited number of screens, and few employees maintain low over head costs. These movie theaters often have lower ticket price, then an upscale movie theaters. Pricing is always critically important, to bring customers.

Marketing suggestions to increase movie attendance. These ideas can be adjusted, based upon the budget necessities of the movie theater. Customers would receive discount on movie tickets for the following options: Purchasing ten or more tickets at the full price, customized Birthday gift certificate, attending a matin�©e, tickets purchased middle of the week, purchasing a movie ticket one week in advance, purchasing two or more separate movie tickets for the same day, and children under 10 years old receive a free ticket, with one adult ticket purchased at regular price. Half price specials purchased for matin�©es. A higher ticket price charged for a combination of popcorn, and a regular size drink. Birthday Certificates sold for popcorn, drink, hot dog and / or candy. Customers could purchase movie tickets online. This would save money for the theater owner, by not having to print out a ticket, and no employee cost. When tickets are sold to a movie, the cashier would know how many tickets are available, including those sold in advance, tickets sold currently, and online.

Offerings in the concession stand either stimulate customers to make a purchase or turn them away. The price for food, and merchandise has to be fair, and yet profitable. Offering a package of assortments for one price. Physiologically customers believe. they are getting a bargain. Better quality merchandise or food, can be sold at a higher price, and return on profits are higher. Try selling unique beverages and food items, such as nonalcoholic tropical drinks. Offering healthy foods, similar to what is offered at fast food restaurants, such as salads, and fruits, which can be prepackaged, and sold for reasonable profit. Setting up small tables and chairs, where customers can enjoy their food and beverage, before seeing their movie. This will reduce the amount of garbage people leave behind, next to their movie seat. Concession Stand can offer frequent customers discount on quantity of merchandise or food purchased.

Promotions can bring customers to the movie theater. Selling raffle tickets (name, address and telephone number on ticket), to claim any variety of gifts, which may include food, beverage, and free movie tickets. Selling promotional items for a future movie. Giving away free advertised discount tickets, for neighboring restaurants, and other stores (Often many stores or businesses will offer printed advertised discounts). Many food, and beverage companies will offer free samples, for new products. A radio station will broadcast live, from a movie theater. The sponsors give free gifts, and paying for the advertisement.

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