Moving Away from Home, Renting a Room

Often there comes a time in every young adult’s life when living at home becomes to much to handle. Whether it’s because of differences or because there is an itch to get out and see the world, or at the very least a different part of the country. Moving out isn’t as easy as it sounds, and that is not just physically even emotionally as well. When deciding to move out it’s important to weigh out the good and the bad and to decide what is best and where is best for you to live. Often certain places are cheaper for rent and sometimes a particular school might be the reason. When moving out consider some of the following to make things a little easier and less expensive.

Find a room for rent rather than apartment. When going back to school it’s a lot less expensive to find a room for rent then an entire apartment or basement apartment. A room is really all you need and often you will find that you will be spending more time at school or out then actually in your room. Also living in a house might be a better situation so that you are among others and not isolated.

Shop at local dollar stores and discount store. Dollar stores are great! I recently found some great deals at my local dollar store and it has helped me in so many ways while putting together my new room that I’m renting. I needed a garbage can, hand lotion, pens, batteries etc… I was even able to find some food such as apple sauce, hot chocolate, tea. They even had food like soups, crackers, cookies etc…

Shopping at local dollar stores or discount stores will save you a lot of money in the long run and can really help when living off a tight budget.

How to set up your room for one.

I have an 9×10 room and had to find ways to set it up to accommodate not just normal bedroom items but little things that normally would be in other parts of the house like cutlery, flatware, detergent, box of food, recycling, computer, toiletries, medication, etc…. It was so easy all it takes is a little organization.

You need to use space! The closet in a bedroom is a great place to organize for such needs. You can find at most discount stores like walmart small plastic dressers that are about four drawers and very small. This you can use the drawers to house your cutlery, flatware and anything else you would need access to on a daily basis. Use closet organizers the kind that hang made out of fabric that have little cubby holes in them. Those are great for storing sheets, small blankets, tea towels a blow dryer etc… it’s easy access and neatly organized. Have other bins or boxes to house books and such so that it’s neatly tucked away but accessible should you need anything. Place a laundry basket on top of a box or bin in the closet to be able to toss any dirty clothes into it, then on laundry day just grab your basket and off you go. By keeping it in the closet you can be sure no one will see your dirty underwear.

Use the top shelf. I found that having small baskets for toiletries was a good way to keep them organized if you happen to buy shampoo or other things in bulk. I keep mine stored in the basket at the top so I can grab it as I need it. Also that is a great place to store toilet paper, paper towel etc…I also keep my clothes detergent in my closet so that when it’s laundry day I just grab the little cup fill it and take my laundry down to get washed.

When living in a room just try and find a place for everything and utilize what you have. Keep things of frequent use accessible and when shopping for things remember if you really don’t need it don’t buy it, because you may not have much room for it so just stick to buying what you need.

Living in just a room is more cozy and less expensive. When you’re young it’s a great way to move out for a “first timer”. Living with another family gives you the opportunity to make new friends and not feel as lonely as if you were to live completely alone. This gives you the opportunity to learn the responsibility of being on your own as well as making the transition a little more comfortable. Going back to school is a tough thing especially when in another country, city or state but if you find a nice house to rent a room from it makes it much more easier and less expensive then living on campus or in an apartment.

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