Multistory Homeowners, Businesses Enjoy Eco-Friendly Living, Safety With Legacy Lifts

Mabank, TX – Legacy Lifts Sales Director Susan Gatewood can proudly say that she is a part of a company that still manufactures their products here at home. In business since 2008, Legacy Lifts assists multistory homeowners and businesses with not only the convenience and safety that comes with being able to transport items via available lift options, but also brings the added satisfaction that the lifts are Eco-friendly. Ms. Gatewood graciously agreed to an interview on Wednesday about both the environmentally friendly aspects of a Legacy Lift and the safety benefits.

Q: What caused you to take an interest in this type of industry?

Susan Gatewood (SG): Whether it’s everyday items like groceries and trash or heavy, bulkier items like luggage or gear — people need a safe and stable way to transport stuff from the ground level to the second story of their homes.

Q: Do most individuals or businesses view their purchase as a type of home improvement or an upgrade in their business. Why or why not?

SG: Initially, most people view their Legacy Lift as a type of improvement. What brings them to us in the first place is a desire to overcome some type of adversity or challenge that interferes with the type of lifestyle they’re striving for. It’s only after the fact that people realize how automation systems can increase the property value of their homes.

Q: Would you say that there is an Eco-friendly or green aspect to Legacy Lifts, and if so, in what way?

SG: Since all of our lifts are constructed with stainless steel components, there is definitely an Eco-friendly/green aspect to our company. According to the World Steel Association, “Steel is very friendly to the environment. It is completely recyclable, possesses great durability, and, compared to other materials, requires relatively low amounts of energy to produce.”

The rugged design of our lifts also helps make storm preparations more environmentally friendly. For example, our clients who embrace beachfront living say our lifts keep them from using timber and other natural resources to secure their outdoor belongings. Our lifts make it possible to bring small and large items like personal watercraft indoors, and prevent any unnecessary debris from littering or contaminating the beach. They can also sustain wind forces of up to 130mph!

Finally, since we service the Houston, Dallas, Galveston, and surrounding Texas areas we have a team of highly skilled, local professionals to carry out the entire installation. This keeps us from shipping parts from thousands of miles away, and supports the local economy.

Q: Did you partner with a particular technology company to develop the specialized technology that you use for your lifts, or was it developed in-house, and what was the process and how long did it take to perfect it?

SG: The design process and all products take place in house. Saying something is “perfect” implies that you are no longer striving to improve, and have stopped trying to keep up with technology and trends. I’d like to say these are things we’re always working toward.

Q: Who would you say are your most common types of customers?

SG: Since our lifts can be mounted to any home or structure, our clients are fairy diverse. Many of them live on the coast, a lake or up in the hills. Obviously, our average client lives in a multi-storied structure. Other characteristics that can make up our “typical” client are they: own a house on stilts, live on the coast, own a small boat/watercraft, or simply want the luxury of not having to carry heavy/bulky items up stairs.

Q: What would you say is the most unique type of business that decided to purchase a Legacy Lift, and why did they decide to do so?

SG: Our lifts can safely haul up to 1,000 pounds of cargo, so any serious industrial applications are somewhat limited. As mentioned earlier, most of our clients use their lift to transport items from the ground level to the second story of their home.

Q: Are you planning to introduce any new products over the next few weeks or months, and if so, what companies or individuals might take an interest in them?

SG: We’re always looking to improve our lifts! You can find information about our current lift features and benefits on our website, or in our online brochure.

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