Must Have Back to School Trends

Summer is almost gone and classes are around the corner…but so is back to school shopping! While there are some really hot trends for this fall, consider this before you blow all your cash on a ton of cool stuff:

1) Quality over quantity: Sure, it’s fun to have 20 new t-shirts with cute designs…but are they really worth it? Are they comfy? Do they fit well? Are they well-made? Will you still like it in a year? Ask yourself these questions before you buy anything for back to school…chances are, you may have to make it last until next school year!

2) Get the basics: Jeans? Check. Sneakers? Check. Jacket? Check. These are all items that should definitely be on your “must” list for back to school, and probably should be your biggest investment. Good shoes and a good jacket can get you through the entire year, as well as a few pairs of well made, good fitting jeans.

3) Mix and match: Make sure that you purchase pieces that will effectively create outfits, or you are just wasting your money! Sure, those plaid pants are cute, but if you don’t have at least one or two tops and the shoes to go with, you may never wear them.

4) Check your existing wardrobe: Look for pieces you may already have and see if they are back again for this Fall before going out and buying a lot.

5) Make a budget: Know what you can and can’t afford before you hit the mall.

That being said, lets get on to the fun business of this fall’s hottest trends!

1) Stripes: Whether you want to wear them preppy, punky, nautical or nice, stripes are H O T. Get a good basic striped tee that fits well in navy blue, black or red stripes for the best fall look. Pair it with a low slung belt over leggings and flats with a big tote bag for a look that can either be sweet or edgy.

2) Belts: Slung low over a dress or long shirt or cinched at the natural waist, belts are totally hot this fall. Get a few really pretty belts or sashes and experiment over some shirts or dresses you already had for a cheap new way to spice up your wardrobe!

3) Leggings: While leggings may not be for everyone, they definitely seem to be a trend that just won’t die! Whether paired under a cute sun dress or with a long tee, leggings are easy and comfy to wear and relatively versatile. My favorite way to wear them? Mix a pair of black leggings under a pair of cut up and ripped jeans with an equally cut up t-shirt for a really punky look.

4) Menswear: Break out your business slacks, button down tops, vests and tailored skirts because feminized menswear is back! Make sure that you pair your menswear with cute shoes and super-feminine hair, makeup and jewelry to optimize this look.

5) Ankle boots: The most daring fall fashion, this one is for the really fashion forward. Wear them with a cute skirt or shorts so that you can show them off but beware…they may make your legs look shorter!

Have fun shopping for your back to school trends and remember…less is more!

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