Must Have Cell Phone Accessories!

MoDooFree BT Hands-Free Phone Kit
This rearview mirror is actually a Bluetooth-enabled hands-free phone adapter. Just clip it over your car’s current mirror, plug it into the power socket, set it up to communicate with your cell phone and in minutes you’re totally hands-free. Incoming numbers are displayed on the mirror, which also contains a built-in speaker. A microphone mounts on your sun visor.
Price: Starting at $140.00
Manufacturer: SungJin Techwin Co. Ltd.

This little device offers the easiest way to Backup, Enter, Edit and Transfer your cell phone contacts.

Lost your cell phone and all your critical phone numbers with it? CellStik will ensure that those numbers are safe and easily accessible to be transferred into your new cell phone. Backup your cell phone phonebook and never lose your contacts! Entering and Editing contacts to your phonebook on your cell phone is time consuming and difficult to do. Using the CellStik Central PC application, included free of charge, you can add, delete and edit your cell phone contacts using the comfort of your full sized PC keyboard.

Looking to buy a new phone but dreading the hassle of entering in all your names and numbers using the small number key pad on the cell phone? With CellStik, you can easily transfer your entire phonebook in minutes.
Price: $39.99
Manufacturer: Spark

Turbo Charge Your Cell Anywhere, Anytime!
The Turbo Charge is an electronic, reusable, portable cell phone charger. It can be used anywhere in the world, and all you need is one “AA” battery. You can expect up to 2 hours talk time or 40 hours of standby.
Price: $29.95
Manufacturer: Turbo Charge

Cell Phone Cam with an Angle!
Check out the unique twist-and-shoot design on this Nokia phone. This 2-megapixel camera phone is equipped with premium Carl Zeiss optics with the latest auto-focus technology. The N90 allows users to capture, edit and share images and high quality video. The N90 phone also comes with Bluetooth wireless technology, MP3 player and hot swap slot for easy MMC card insertion and removal.
Price: Starting at $579.00
Manufacturer: Nokia
Model/Product #: N90

The Palm Treo
The Palm Treo 700w smart phone delivers everything you need without compromise. It combines a smarter phone with broadband-like speeds, wireless email including Windows Mobile, Direct Push Technology4 and rich-media capabilities all in one bringing Palm’s world-class ease-of-use to the Windows Mobile platform. Connect with people in multiple ways, by voice, email, SMS, or MMS3. Your contacts are always reachable, from any application. Access email, the internet and corporate networks on one of the fastest networks available in the United States. Relax and play your favorite music and videos right on your device.
Price: $400.00
Manufacturer: Palm, Inc.

W810i Walkman
Sony Ericsson W810i phone is equipped with a complete music kit. The W810i Walkman is a stylish music player with everything you need for a mobile music lifestyle. The easy-to-use phone/music player comes equipped with folders for artists and customized play lists. Also included is enough memory for up to 175 songs and a stereo headset for quality listening. The W810i has a built-in 2 megapixel digital camera for quality images wherever you are. W810i is a multi-messaging device. In addition to text messaging, you can send and receive e-mail and send multimedia messages to any compatible phone or to an e-mail address.
Price: Starting at $315.00
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Model/Product #: W810i

BlackBerry Wireless!
The BlackBerry 8700g Wireless Handheld makes it easy to stay connected while on the go. You get uncompromising e-mail, browsing and voice performance in one thin, stylish, lightweight handheld with a full QWERTY keyboard. The 8700G operates on the latest high-speed wireless networks and provides the most up-to-date technology in functionality, including e-mail, phone, web browsing, text messaging (SMS and MMS) and organizer applications. The bright, high-resolution screen provides large viewable workspace and the light-sensing technology automatically optimize screen lighting levels for ideal indoor and outdoor viewing.
Price: $299.99
Manufacturer: BlackBerry
Model/Product #: 8700g

Phake Phones?
In these modern cell-phone toting times, do you ever miss the good old days of corded phones? P Phones handsets are cast from vintage telephones and plug right into your mobile phone. It’s perfect for those who no longer have a home phone, and also lots of fun to use when walking around town of in your car. The P Phone comes in red or black and is a real attention getter in either shade.
Price: $85.00
Manufacturer: Propeller sf

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