Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

The cell phone has quickly become one of the most important communication devices of this century. It seems as if we all have one, everywhere you go someone is talking on a cell phone, whether it’s at the mall, the park, or on the road. And with such a huge market inevitably follows the endless supplies of accessories to go along with the product. For the typical cell phone owner there are three essential must have accessories. After reading this article you will be fully aware of what you need to have and why concerning your cell phone. Not only will these items enhance your cell phone use enjoyment but will also help to protect you, your phone and others around you especially when you’re driving.

The first must-have accessory you need to get is a car charger. Yes there will be many times when you forget to plug your phone in overnight and realize on your way to the office or to school that your battery has mere seconds of life left, then you will be cut off from all communication as you know it! These chargers typically range from ten to twenty dollars and will fully charge your battery in under an hour. Sometimes if you’re lucky you will receive one with your phone upon purchase but don’t count on it. A must-have for every cell phone owner out there.

The second must-have accessory is the headset. Yes now you can actually drive and talk without being the cause of a major accident. The headset also comes in handy around the house. Talk to mom while you’re doing the dishes or raking the lawn. There are a variety of headsets out there and if your phone has Bluetooth capabilities then you will be able to get a wireless set up which is a pretty slick way to go. Most of the newer cell phones coming out have this technology so that might be something to look for if you’re in the market for a new phone.

The third and final must-have cell phone accessory is the cell phone case. By equipping your cell phone with a nice fitting durable case you will greatly enhance the lifetime of your phone. Mainly due to there size cell phones are constantly being dropped, with a decent case your phone will not be affected as much as it would had you dropped it caseless. These cases can be found in almost any style imaginable, and you can almost be guaranteed that your local mall will have a kiosk selling them by the thousands. They range from five to ten dollars on the average.

It is highly recommended that you purchase a car charger first. This way your phone will still be operational should you forget to plug it in. Once you have that it is recommended to purchase a headset if you did not receive one with your cell phone when you purchased it. And then last but not least the case. Once you have these three things you will be well on your way to a happy life with your phone!

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