My Cluttered Desk

My desk is a mess.
I must confess.
It’s piled with papers high,
Clear up to the sky.

There is change on my desk
As well as a pen,
Paper clips and staples,
And little toy men.

My desk has pencils
In fancy ceramic mugs.
There’s even a sculpture
Of a colorful lady bug.

I have a glass paper weight
Right next to some tape,
And a lovely seal sculpture
That sits on a wooden plate.

My electric pencil sharpener
Is right by my side,
And my new calculator
That I haven’t even tried.

Right in the middle
My computer is sitting.
I am busy at my desk
Pressing keys down as I’m hitting.

One day I’ll get some order
Among the chaos that is here.
I’ll have more room to work in
Which I’ll give a great cheer.

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