My Favorite Blogs About MySpace

MySpace now claims to have over 90,000,000 MySpace users. So it only makes sense that there would be entire blogs dedicated to the MySpace phenomenon. Here’s an overview of my favorite blogs about MySpace.

Worst of MySpace: Disasters of Social Networking

This blog is great for some serious (or not so serious) laughs. It features some of the worst profiles on MySpace. Also includes features on How to not suck at MySpace, Top Ten MySpace Cliches and more. One of their recents posts dealt with the latest batch of deleted MySpace accounts.

Savanteous Q Malmsteen’s Monsters of MySpace

Monsters of MySpace features the worst MySpace band profiles. So if you’re a band on MySpace, this is one blog you definitely don’t want to be featured on. Monsters of MySpace will pick a band and basically pick apart their profile while mercilessly making fun of it. Nothing is sacred, they’ll make fun of the bands songs, their influences, their look and their blogs.

Althought it doesn’t look like this blog has been updated in a few months, the material that is on there is hilarious to read. In their last posted entry they branched out to make fun of comics (Larry The Cable Guy, Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia) and some MySpace groups (Gay and Bi Thugs, Emo Hair Appreciation, Girls that Make Chocolate Melt). Perfect for whenever you need a good laugh.

Just MySpace News

If there’s a news story written about MySpace, chances are it’ll show up on this site’s blog. Includes a little bit about everything. Great place to go if you’re wondering about what’s going on with MySpace.

MySpace HTML Codes Guide and Tutorial

Lots of MySpace codes and tutorials, including posts on Hacking MySpace accounts, Monitoring your friend’s MySpace profiles and How to dowload any song on MySpace.

MySpace Hacks

Myspace hacks, themes, plugins, videos, pictures, proxy servers and other resources for enhancing your MySpace experience!

Friends On MySpace

A collection of helpful MySpace tips and tricks.


A place for flakes. You really have to see it to believe it.

MySpace Celebrities

Links to celebrity profiles on MySpace. Plus you can vote on whether you think they’re the real deal or just fakes.

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my own MySpace blogs….

MySpace or Yours

A blog all about Myspace – Myspace trackers, MySpace layouts, MySpace codes, etc. Deals with the technical side, as well as the non-technical side of MySpace.

The Add Me Blog

Send a request to be added to this blog and receive friend requests from MySpace users looking to increase their friends list. Find lots of other MySpace users who will add you as well.

MySpace Confessions

A little blog about some of the strange things that happen when we’re on MySpace – stalking, jealousy, etc.

And there you have it – a list of some of the funniest, most entertaining, resourceful blogs about MySpace.

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