My Favorite TRip

By Mike Seibert

There have been many vacations I have been on, but my most favorite one of all would have to be the time I went to Kentucky to see my grandparents for thanksgiving. They usually would come to our house, but that year we went there because they are getting old and shouldn’t have to drive all the way to Illinois. The most outstanding detail about the house is that it is big and almost completely blue. My grandma, who we all call Maggie, always makes the best cookies and cakes. I was so excited to eat that I took a big bite out of the turkey before we even got to pray. My mom gave me an evil look, but she was quick to forgive me after the whole family began to laugh. “He’s so cute,” said my Uncle Albert as he patted me on the head.
After the feast the whole family went out into the backyard and played an unforgettable game of horseshoes. During the game I noticed an odd gust of wind that came rather suddenly, paying it no worry I continued to root for my dad and Al. It was a close game for both of them and I didn’t want to pick sides (I don’t like confrontations of any kind), so I went inside. Little did I know what was in store for my youthful eyes.
An hour or two went by and the family had not come in yet, so I decided to go out and check on them. I got out side and no one was there. I was very young at the time so naturally I was very afraid of being alone – I began to panic. I ran inside to make a desperate search of the house, but I came up with nothing. I was crying uncontrollably and I wondered if I would ever see any of them ever again. “What could have happened to them?” – I was so scared, and I knew what I had to do.
I made my way up to the roof where I was to jump off, ending this cruel, cruel spiral of pain and tragedy called life. The atmosphere got hazy, I began to blank out and as I made my way up to the edge I said “skrew it all”. Then as I attempted the last act of my courier, your friend and humble narrator was caught in mid-air by his loving father, just in the nick of time. He said “Mike! Hi buddyâÂ?¦.Suprize!” and as he said that I noticed the rest of the family all gathered together on the roof. They were all laughing and having a good time, and I realized it was all a big practical joke- Boy did they get me. I laughed so hard it looked like the tears in my eyes were just from all the fun I was having.
That was the most shocking, and odd vacation I have ever had the pleasure of being on. I know that I will never have a vacation like that ever again. I miss my grandma already and I can just taste them cookies she bakes. I can’t wait till thanksgiving this year and its only April. Yes – there are many vacations I have, indeed, been on; Disney world with Rayla Smith, Mall America with Tom Myers, Wisconsin Dells with John Cook and a second dells trip with Cody Newman, but its ultimately comforting to know that the best vacation I ever had was spent with my own family. Fuck Whitey.

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