My George Foreman Grill

My George Foreman grill. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Chicken, beef and pork just to name a few!
I’ve been a fan of the George Foreman grill from before it became the next best thing to sliced bread. What a machine this is! It lives up to everything you may have heard and then some.

I was only 26 years old when I purchased my first grillâÂ?¦as a single female who isn’t into the whole barbeque deal but who still loves to eat grilled food, this was the answer to my prayers. No longer did I have to time it just right with my neighbors to be able to throw a steak on their grill, suffering untold humiliation as they would look at each other with little sad, knowing smiles that clearly told me where I ranked in the hierarchy of the grilling world. I could do it all on my own. It was now as simple as plugging a grill into my kitchen wall, opening and placing the steak directly on top of grill, close the top and off we go! Kind of like a really great convertible ride in reverse.

You just cannot go wrong with this product. I’ve owned several over the years- from the small model to the large one made for when too many friends and family descend upon said single girl- and I’ve made everything from French fries to shrimp, grilled cheese to steaks, and the most succulent pork chops that you may ever have the pleasure of eating. Complete with requisite grill marks, thank you very much.

Give me something, anything, and I GUARANTEE that my George Foreman grill can turn it into a morsel of culinary delight and temptation in two or three minutes, tops. I can grill my eggs, I just don’t try to flip them and they cook within minutes perfectly sunny side up AND the sausages to go with them. You want shrimp fajitas, you say? No problemâÂ?¦I can grill everything from the tortilla to the shrimp and the green and red peppers too. Perhaps a break from the same old skinless chicken breast might be on your mind tonight for supper. We can jazz that up at Chez Goldstein real quick with a little creole seasoning and my trusty George Foreman! Why don’t you get some asparagus and toss them in a little shaved garlic and some olive oil? I’ll put them to the side of the chicken breast and you’ll have dinner fit for a queen or a king.

I don’t think that I’d change anything about my George Foreman grill although throughout the years I must say George has gotten a little high tech with the bun warmer and the different sides with different temperatures. I love my original George Foreman grill: it makes my life easier and tastier. It saves me time. It saves on kitchen space, gas (I don’t use my stove as much) and makes the best and juicest hamburgers with cheese inside that you will ever have in your life. Reservations required, casual attire please!

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