My Silent Partner in Clean Dishes

I waited five long months for a brand new dishwasher after my last one died a slow, painfully expensive and very wet death – the pump broke flooding my kitchen. Five long months of dealing with contractors and insurance adjustors gave me plenty of time to decide exactly what I wanted, needed and could live without in a dishwasher.

Features of the Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher:

ENERGY STAR�® qualified

Super capacity tub – fits 14 place settings

5-level wash

Self-cleaning filter

Quiet PartnerTM I sound package – 63 dB sound rating

Cycle status lights

Control lock

4 automatic cycles: Pots and Pans, Normal, Light, and Rinse Only

5 options High temp wash option

Pots & Pans Cycle

Sanitary Wash Cycle

Rinse and Hold Cycle

Control Type: Electronic Tub Material

Plastic Racks: PVC

Delay Wash

Hard Food Disposer

Rinse agent level gauge

Door mounted utensil tray

Price of the Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher: $428.00

The Good: The Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasheris an amazingly effective, efficient and reasonably priced dishwasher. My favorite features about this dishwasher are the: high energy star rating (only lower by a little compared to dishwashers with much higher prices), quiet wash function (it is so quiet that sometimes I don’t even know I have turned it on!); the ability to choose from different cycles

I also appreciate the signal for the rinsing agent. Not only does it tell me when it is full or empty, but it functions like a gas gauge, you see the changes as they occur. This takes all the guess work out of do I need rinse agent and helps to stop rinse agent overflow as you know when the receptacle is full.

The Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher produces sparkling clean dishes; even removing dried or stuck on food. Let’s face it some nights we just don’t have time to do all that we need to get things done. I haven’t once had to wash the dishes over again, and the glasses are spot free. .

The stainless steel design is modern and looks great with my other appliances, but other colors are available.

The Bad: The Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher utensil tray is awkwardly located. It can be placed either mounted on the door or in the bottom rack of the dishwasher. If on the bottom rack it takes up valuable space for pots, pans and plates. If I door mount it makes loading and unloading awkward as you have to keep moving the plate tray out of the way. It’s a small thing, and I am learning to adapt. It actually makes putting the utensils away much easier as you lift the tray from the door and carry it with you. I have also learned to place it in the sink, fill it as I go and then mount it in the door.

While the Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasherhas four notices of where it is in the wash cycle, it does not show the remaining time left in the wash cycle. This doesn’t seem important unless you have a thirsty toddler and every sippy cup in the house is loaded in the dishwasher.

This dishwasher can also take a very long time to wash the dishes, up to 3 hours depending on the number of choices you make from the selections.

The Bottom Line: I am very pleased with the Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher.Between a very busy household, children, play dates and home cooked meals my sink is often full of dishes just dying for a good wash. I have found that the few complications I have noted about the Quiet Partner dishwasher are actually quiet small. I have learned to work around both items. I know what to do now with the utensil tray. As for the long wash cycles, I stick with normal and no high temperature or heated dry, not only saving time but energy. The dishes can easily air dry. If absolutely necessary to use these functions, I simply turn it on delay or turn it on before I go to bed and then I don’t even notice how long it takes to do the dishes.

The Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher is a good choice economically and environmentally. It gets the job done, beautifully every time and it is made by a brand I can trust.

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