My Survivor Series Dream Team

Survivor Series is one of the original four pay-per-views produced by WWE. I remembered when this “Thanksgiving tradition” first debuted on Thanksgiving Day in 1987, which came on the heels of the incredible success of WrestleMania III, and the epic feud between Hulk Hogan and AndrÃ?© the Giant that was still hot at the time. They were captains of their team that featured five wrestlers. AndrÃ?© the Giant’s team won when AndrÃ?© eliminated Hogan’s team member Bam Bam Bigelow to become the first lone survivor in the history of the Survivor Series. I felt the concept of having only tag-team elimination matches on a pay-per-view event was something new, fresh, and intriguing. It stood out from other WWE pay-per-views spectacles.

If I could pick any four competitors in sports-entertainment history to be on my side in a Traditional Survivor Series Match, I would enlist these four Superstars on my team. They won world championships, headlined pay-per-views, and starred in Hollywood films.

WWE Legend Hulk Hogan would be my first choice because he is a proven leader, a 6-time WWE champion, and one of the most dominant forces in WWE history. Hulk Hogan always brings a winning attitude in any obstacle.

My second choice would be WCW’s most popular wrestler, Sting. This 6-time WCW world champion is a high flyer, energetic, and agile. Sting also brings leadership qualities and can do it all in the ring. Sting is definitely a perfect asset to my team.

Goldberg is my third choice. This two-time world champion brings strength, dominance, and an imposing aura. Goldberg’s lengthy undefeated streak was 173-0 in singles competition, and he is the first undefeated world champion in the history of professional wrestling.

The Rock would be my final partner. He is the greatest third-generation wrestler WWE’s history, and an 8-time WWE world champion. The Rock has swagger, charisma, and is a pure athlete. He makes the team extra special!

I guaranteed victory for my dream team.

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