My Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets

There are plenty of kitchen products on the market today. I have been lured in by so many that just won’t worth the money. They look appealing as they always work exactly as they should on television. There are, however, some kitchen gadgets that I heavily rely on and will always have in my kitchen. Here are my top 5 kitchen gadgets.

Number five on my list is the Black and Decker Ergo electric can opener. This can opener is very nice. When our old electric can opener finally went out after ten years of service, my husband picked up this one. It’s cordless and rechargeable. To use, just clamp it onto a can, press the handle and let go. There is no need to hold it as it travels by itself around the can, stopping once the lid has been completely cut. Cleanup is easy as the cutting mechanism easily pops off the unit. It comes with a charging base. This is great for my kitchen that has very little counter space and limited electrical outlets.

Rival Hand Mixer is number four on my list of top kitchen gadgets. The mixer comes with own cup that has a spout for easy pouring. I use this every morning to fluff up the eggs before cooking. The hand mixer has a low and high speed. Cleanup is a breeze and doesn’t take up that much space to store. The only thing that would make this hand mixer better is if it were cordless.

Black and Decker Handy Chopper Plus is number three. This small, electric chopper makes chopping anything a breeze. I have chopped everything from onions or Oreo cookies, and it does a great job on everything. The chopper is small so it takes up little counter and cabinet space. The parts are easily cleaned, and you can store them on the base so when you are ready to use again all the parts are there. It is easy to operate. Put the bowl on the base, place the blade in it put in your items to chop and secure the lid. Then press the button for about 15-30 seconds should do the trick.

Number two on my list is different sized funnels. Funnels are extremely handy in the kitchen. I am amazed at how many times I need to pour a liquid into a container. Funnels make sure you wind up with more in the container than on the kitchen counter. It makes pouring into a container easy and with less mess.

Number one on my list of kitchen gadgets are measuring scoops. These kitchen gadgets are wonderful. While I still use my measuring cups, these scoops make measuring a cup of flour or sugar so much easier. The scoops come in a variety of measuring units. The end of the handle is the measurement for teaspoon increments. Measuring scoops are also cheap and can be found for fewer than two dollars at most retail outlets.

When I’m in the kitchen I like to have resources around me that will make cooking easier and cut my time in the kitchen. These kitchen gadgets not only work well but are simple to use. My time in the kitchen is less of a hassle thanks to these products.

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