Myspace Artists Draw Publicity

I have found Myspace Music to be a menagerie of eclectic music. It also happens to be an unsigned/indie label’s dream. It’s no surprise to me that Myspace has journeyed into the land of Music Producers. Come on, you can listen to four songs (a normal demo has 5) and make split decisions on wither you like them or not.

You can even pimp your favorites on your own myspace profile giving Myspace the heads up on which artist are playing more than the next. With the announcement of Myspace Music going into the music label business I’ve decided to let you in on a few of my favorite relatively unknown Myspace Artists.

Laura Stevenson Music that is pure acoustic. Laura rocks out of Long Island via Myspace Music. Her music is typical of any coffee house lover. You’ll find her guitar to be quite soothing as well as her voice. The lyrics however, are anything but typical. With songs like “The Pretty One” you are sure to find yourself entranced by the overall affect of acoustic, vocals and a pure heart. Laura Stevenson provides music that is simple, pure and true. You’ll find yourself yelling at the top of your lungs at her live shows, only to be awed by the sophistication of her lyrics and the passion of her guitar.

Michael Mangia Michael was the first Myspace Music member that I actually friended. Mangia has a more polished sound as he should being signed in all. His style is that of indie meets alternative with just a dash of pop. When you pop over to his Myspace Music profile you will hear “The Invisible Wall”and all the musical genus that goes with it. For a special treat stick around and listen to “Wet Dream”. Michael has a beautiful voice and unlike some artist he is not afraid to show it off.

Caledon This is one of those bands that you would never hear about unless you’re a friend of the bands sister who brags about them at school. Well luckily one friend on Myspace Music means you are connected to over a million people. Caledon is a Folk Rock band with obvious influence like Yellowcard. If anyone has read my articles in Exposed, you’ll find I’m a sucker for a violin in a Rock band. While listening to Caledon I suggest you close your eyes and let the vocals, violin, and wistful melodies take on a mental journey of a destination that only you can provide.

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