I’m a shopper who believes in buying quality products at a reasonable price. My cat has used a lot of different types of litter over the past two years, and paws down, he LOVES Nature’s Miracle Clumping Cat Litter made by 8 in 1 Products. My household appreciates it too, as this litter (made of corn cobs) is extremely fast clumping, quick to absorb odor, and essentially has no dust residue.

The issue with purchasing Nature’s Miracle is that it’s expensive. At the local PetSmart or PetCo, a 10 lb. bag of this cat litter sells for approximately $13.99 (before including tax).

I stumbled upon something called Fresh Results Clumping Cat Litter about a year ago at a Wal-Mart when I was on an extended visit out of town with my cat. Not having brought enough litter for him from home, I was forced (in the middle of the night) to go to:

1) a store open at that hour (Super Wal-Mart); and
2) find a kitty litter that came as close to what we used at home (Nature’s Miracle) as possible.

After about 20 minutes of reading various packaging at the kitty litter isle, i grabbed a bag of Fresh Results, noting that from the description on the bag, it sounded similar to Nature’s Miracle. A 10 lb. bag of Fresh Results sold for $5.88 (before tax) at the Wal-Mart.

Upon getting home and having opened the bag, I was taken aback at HOW similar Fresh Results was to Nature’s Miracle. The products were practically identical.

After a closer read of the bag itself, I realized that Fresh Results was made by 8 in 1 Products, the same company which produces Nature’s Miracle. I e-mailed the company not long thereafter to inquire about how these two products differed. The response from 8 in 1 Products: “[the]….formulas are identical……”.

8 in 1 Products noted that Fresh Results is ONLY distributed through Wal-Mart. If your local Wal-Mart does NOT carry the item, speak to the manager and request that it be carried on their item list. It helps to approach a few Wal-Marts in your area to speak with each store manager, as the more inquiries your overall area Wal-Marts make to 8 in 1 Products, the more likely it is that the litter manufacturer will consider carrying the product. Have the Wal-Mart managers ask for Wal-Mart item no. 811495 – Fresh Clumping Litter. Also, contact the Wal-Mart sales team at 8 in 1 by e-mailing, (631) 232-1200 x 142.

The jist of all this is, if you LOVE Nature’s Miracle, you’ll LOVE LOVE LOVE Fresh Results. They are identical products (which are packaged differently by the same company) and sold through different outlets. Your pocketbook will LOVE you if you purchase Fresh Results, however, based on the price differential summarized below:

Nature’s Miracle Clumping Cat Litter (10 lb. bag) – Sells for $13.99 (before tax) at a pet store
Fresh Results Clumping Cat Litter (10 lb. bag) – Sells for $5.88 (before tax) at Wal-Mart.

I don’t’ know about you, but for the same product, I’d rather pay less. Think about how much you can save through the life of your kitten.

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