NBA Talent 2006/2007 – the Mock Draft

With the college season winding down to the Final 4, and the NBA playoff push in full swing, it’s never too early to start speculating on which college players are going to land in the 2006 Draft and which players, for better or worse, will forgo the NBA Draft and make another run at glory at the college level. This is just a guess as to which college players will leave early, none of the college players mentioned in this article have formally declared their intentions to either enter the 2006 NBA Draft or stay in school.

10. Shelden Williams, Duke

Williams is already readymade for the NBA. He’ll play either power forward or center, and although his skills don’t blow anybody away, he has the tools to be a solid role player right away for any team.

9. Randy Foye, Villanova

This senior has the ability to play either the one or the two, and should be a valuable scorer for any NBA franchise. His ability to drive to the basket as well as shoot jumshots make him a versatile pick up for any team in need of gaurd help.

8. Marcus Williams, UCONN

If this junior decides to leave school early look for him to snag a lottery spot. He might stay and help his UCONN Huskies try and win a championship in 2007, depending on how they fare in this year’s Final Four, but if he jumps he might be the best true point gaurd in the draft.

7. Paul Davis, Michigan St.

Despite going down in the first round of the NCAA Tournament this season, Davis, a four year started at center, dominated play in the Big Ten this season. His 6’11” frame along with great defense and rebounding skills make him lock to get playing time right away in the NBA.

6. JJ Reddick, Duke

The NCAA’s all time leader in 3 pointers and the leading candidate for player of the year, Reddick, might slip out of the top ten. His subpar Tournament in March Madness play has a lot of scouts wondering about his true potential. NBA executives are not wary of his shooting skills, however. His range as a pure shooter, will indeed get the attention of NBA teams looking to beef up their three point offense.

5. Andrea Barnani, International

This seven foot Italian phenom is getting alot of attention from NBA brass and fans alike. Some teams might be wary of taking such a raw talent with such a high picks, but the upside is enormous. Barnani will land somewhere in the top ten, probably for an NBA team willing to take on the project of grooming the young talent.

4. Ronnie Brewer, Arkansas

A phenomenal talent at either gaurd position, the 6’7″ leads the field of outstanding underclassmen likely to wind up in the Top 4. Brewer is a freakish athlete and a natural scorer. His size at the gaurd position is also attractive for NBA teams who want to get bigger.

3. Rudy Gay, UCONN

Another amazing athlete, the only knoco on Rudy Gay’s career is that he doesn’t have it in the clutch. Struggling NBA teams, however, will be willing to work with that if they can get their hands the 19 year old sophmore. At 6’9″, he can play either forward position and will be handsome addition in the longrun to any NBA squad lucky to pick him up.

2. Adam Morrison, Gonzaga

Other than JJ Reddick, there certainly isn’t a more recognizable talent in the 2006 draft. With his floppy hair and ironic mustache, it’s hard to tell is Morrison would rather be a rock star or an NBA star. There is slight chance that this junior will stay and try and make another run at it with Gonzaga, after their heartbreaking loss in the Sweet 16, but if Morrison leaves he’ll be a Top 3 pick, guaranteed.

1. LaMarcus Aldridge. Texas

Only a sophmore, the rumor is that if Aldridge leaves early he will end up with the top spot (and also the biggest pay day). Aldridge is the most of freakish athlete in a draft full of athletic freaks. At 6’11”, his leaping ability and wingspan is incredible, making him a shot blocking monster as well as a dunking machine. In need of a little professional grooming, Aldridge will make any NBA team that drafts him very very happy.

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