NY Knicks Carmelo Anthony – Feed the Children Event Q&A

Avon, Carmelo A Carmelo Anthony and the Carmelo Anthony Foundation partnered with Feed The Children & Avon to bring trailers filled with food to help 800 Bronx families. They had many volunteers from the Madison Square Garden Boys & Girls club where this event took place that distributed 25- pound boxes of food and essentials. The boxes were designed to help a family of four for up to one week. In this time of giving thanks and being close to the Thanksgiving Holiday you can see in the excitement in the Bronx citizens faces and happy to be on line and get a helping hand. These families received turkeys and many goodies.

I interviewed Carmelo Anthony and asked him a few questions in regards to this event and his collaboration see below what he said:

  • 1- Carmelo, I want you to know how this collaboration with Feed the Children through your foundation initiated? We started maybe 5 years ago I was trying to figure out something to do for the holiday and a way we can give back. My team reached out to Feed the Children and they were the first ones to reach out and become supporters and now here we are several years later being able to feed 800 families so that shows the growth that myself and my foundation have come so far over the years.
  • 2- Is this something that you will continue doing throughout the years especially in this month of giving thanks and the holidays? How significant is this to you not only as a humanitarian but to your family as well? We try to do something around all the holidays right now we are doing the Thanksgiving giveaway and we are going to do a Very Mellow Christmas. But most importantly anytime you feel you want to give back when many people are always in need of something for me is like I like to believe that I give hope to a lot of people. I like to be that person that people can count on.
  • 3- There are so many natural disasters happening around the world for example most recently the Typhoon in the Philippines have you thought of a way of possibly getting involved through your foundation? We haven’t really tried to figure it out yet that’s a much bigger cause on a bigger scale so you really have to be careful and go to the right parameters and help the people. I have to start in my community first that’s what’s most important for me right now changing my community and then eventually have a chance to change the world. You have to start from somewhere.
  • 4- I know in this event there is going to be a Turkey giveaway and many goods will you be going outside to meet and greet the people? I will be indoors handing out the boxes and the turkeys and enjoy the day having a good time.

Great event and amazing cause!

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