Natural Hormone Balancing

Dr. John Lee has been shaking up traditional Western medicine with his controversial ideas about hormone replacement therapy (HRT), claiming that estrogen “dominance”, as he puts it, is dangerous for women’s health. He says that menopausal women need more progesterone, a little-known and less understood hormone, in order to be healthy whether they are going through menopause or not.

First of all, let’s begin with some basics on hormones and the human body. This may come as a huge shock to most people, but both women and men produce naturally occurring estrogen and testosterone hormones. Obviously, the balance of these two hormones differ between men and women, but the real difference lies in the fact that the hormone progesterone occurs only in women.

Dr. Lee has come to the conclusion that menopause is not caused by an estrogen deficiency, and that women do not need additional estrogen, but rather additional progesterone, in order to balance their hormones. He goes on to say that a topical cream
(one that is applied to the skin), made from wild yams can provide the progesterone. In its naturally occurring form, progesterone will not cause the side effects that synthesized progesterone (called progestins) can cause.

According to Dr. Lee the negative effects of an over abundance of estrogen, include; depression, anxiety, headaches, fibrocystic breast cell stimulation, interference with thyroid hormone function, poor sleep patterns, decreased libido, impairment of blood sugar control, causes endometrial cancer, triggers autoimmune diseases, and the list goes on.

Whereas, his list of naturally occurring progesterone’s effects include; protection against breast fibrocysts, acts as a natural diuretic, a natural anti-depressant, prevention of cyclical migraines, promotes normal sleep pattern, facilitates thyroid hormone function, helps normalize blood sugar levels, normalizes blood clotting, helps restore normal libido, prevents endometrial cancer, decreases risk of prostate cancer in men, prevention of autoimmune diseases, and this list goes on.

If you are asking yourself, as I did, why on earth drug companies would synthesize medicines which could cheaply and easily be made from natural products, Dr. Lee explains, “In the late 1800’s laws were passed in the United States that allows medicines to be patented only if they were not natural substances. If a drug company discovered a naturally occurring medicine, anyone else was free to capitalize on the discovery. Needless to say drug companies quickly became disinterested in naturally occurring medicines. These days when a plant with medicinal value is discovered the active ingredient is isolated and transformed. This new molecule can be patented.”

And this is why millions of Americans have been sold on the concept that good health is preserved by taking medicines synthesized from natural ingredients. Often the synthesized forms have side effects that the natural ingredients do not have, causing the cure to be as bad as the illness itself. Doctors have been misinformed for 30 years about estrogen, because the pharmaceutical companies stand to make millions of dollars on women who are told to take these medicines.

Dr. Lee has had over 20 years of experience treating women’s health issues, and listening to our responses to the medicines we’ve been prescribed. He explains the workings of the human body with plenty of examples, quotes from numerous studies and books, keeping it interesting enough so that you don’t fall asleep. Together with Virginia Hopkins’ accessible writing style, they bring vital information to woman and men about our health concerns, offering natural solutions for these problems.

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