Natural Remedies for Loss of Sexual Drive

Sexual drive is a personal issue. While some men and women desire to have sexual relations with their partners on a daily basis, others may be completely satisfied with having sex once a week, or once a month. There’s no “right” or “wrong” when you’re dealing with sexual drive. It all depends on individual preference. However, if your libido is a running a bit lower than normal, you may need to try some natural remedies for the loss of sexual drive to help get you back on track.

Eating Fava beans can actually help some people. These beans, which are naturally found in North Africa and Southwest Asia, are kidney-shaped beans in a pod. The difference between Fava beans and other types of beans is that this legume actually produces L-dopa in the human body. L-dopa, in turn, helps increase the levels of dopamine. Dopamine helps improve your mood, as well as your libido.

Some people are actually allergic to Fava beans. Talk to your healthcare professional before you start eating these legumes.

Another natural remedy for the loss of your sexual drive is to eat more foods that are high in zinc. Having a low level of this mineral has been shown to adversely affect men’s and women’s libidos. Oysters, for example, contain a high amount of zinc. Oysters have long been said to be an “aphrodisiac.” Eating or taking an “aphrodisiac” is supposed to sexually arouse a person. (The term originated in Greek mythology. “Aphrodite” was the goddess of love and fertility.)

Other foods that are high in zinc include strawberries, yogurt, milk, shrimp, sunflower seeds, and mushrooms.

Eating plenty of sardines, salmon, halibut, and other types of cold water fish may also be a natural way you can regain your normal sexual drive. These types of fish help expand the blood vessels in the human body. This increase in circulation can help increase sexual arousal and also help regulate the hormones.

Another natural remedy that’s said to be effective in getting a man’s motor humming again, is an herb called, “Horny Goat Weed”. Despite its rather unusual name, it has been used in China for the last two thousand years. It has since found its way into the United States as a natural remedy for men who suffer from loss of sexual drive.

Horny Goat Weed supposedly got its name when, long ago, a goat herder realized that his flock became more sexually active after they grazed on the plant.

Yohimbe is an herb that comes from the bark of the African “Corynanthe Yohimbe” tree. Yohimbe can spark both a man’s and a woman’s sexual drives because it causes the blood vessels in the genitalia area to expand. This expansion causes an increase in the circulation. The increased blood flow helps to men have penal erections. It also helps women become sexually turned on.

Simply including more exercise in your day may lead to an increase in the amount of exercise you get at night too. The experts recommend thirty minutes of exercise every day. This can be simply walking. Or, it can be a half an hour of aerobics, swimming, et cetera.

Natural exercise can help your lagging libido in many ways: it gets the circulation going, it will help you sleep better and become more rested, and it will help tone your body muscles.

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