Natural Stain for Unfinished Wood

Not everyone wants to use chemical products to stain unfinished wood items in their home. I prefer using natural tints for carvings, shelves and other interior wooden decor. They work just as well, but they do not emit hazardous fumes or create messes that require the use of other caustic chemicals. You can enhance the grain with a number of natural products. Use natural stain for unfinished wood, and complete your projects without negatively impacting the environment or your health.

Try Natural Stain on Scrap Pieces Before Making a Decision

Before using natural stain on unfinished wood, try it on scrap pieces first. Make sure that the scraps are the same type of wood that you intend on staining. Various types of wood absorb stain differently, and the color can vary depending upon the material. Allow it to dry completely before making a final decision, and if necessary, apply multiple coats to darken the hue until achieving the desired shade.

Use Vanilla Extract

When looking for natural stain for unfinished wood, give vanilla extract a try. Go with natural extract instead of the artificial type. The depth of color will vary according to type and brand.

Stain Unfinished Wood with Strong Black Coffee

Another great natural stain for unfinished wood is strong black coffee. Brew a pot of coffee, and allow it to cool completely before applying it to unfinished wood. Coffee beautifully brings out the grain.

Use Strong Tea

Tea is also a fantastic natural stain for wood. Brew it as strong or as weak as necessary to create the desired hue. Experiment with different varieties for subtle color differences. Make sure it is cool before applying it with a soft, clean rag.

Try Crushed Blueberries

Would you like to stain natural wood in a beautiful shade of deep purple? Use fresh blueberries! Crush blueberries through a sieve, and apply the natural stain with a soft, clean rag. If desired, apply more than one coat for a deeper, richer hue.

Experiment with a Variety of Flowers, Fruits and Spices

Other natural items can be crushed or cooked to create stain for unfinished wood. Turmeric is a spice that creates a rich golden hue. Combine it with coffee for natural golden brown stain. Experiment with a variety of flowers, fruits and spices when seeking natural stain for unfinished wood. You will have control over the intensity of the hues you choose, and the wood will not smell like caustic chemical products.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Advanced Art Experience

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