Natural Treatments to Eliminate Male Menopause

We all know that women go through menopause and the symptoms that lead up to it and throughout the entire stage. However, little is known about male menopause. Although males don’t suffer the same agonizing symptoms and hormonal changes that females suffer, many go through a stage called male menopause. Some of the symptoms for male menopause is a lack of energy or sex drive and an increase in bulging fat around the middle, just to name a few. Seems mild compared to female menopause, huh? Although men may suffer from male menopause, they still have the ability to keep producing children, which is the main thing menopause stops in women. But nevertheless, males do suffer. Here are a few natural treatments that men can do to prevent and eliminate male menopause.

The first natural treatment to prevent and eliminate male menopause is to exercise. Exercise is a good thing to do for anyone. It keeps the body’s metabolism going strong, preventing mid section bulge. Exercise also helps to stop the decline in testosterone levels. You don’t need to do a lot of activity, just a nice twenty minute walk three times a week can help maintain and control fat build up. As the pounds decrease, many of the symptoms will diminish male menopause totally eliminating it. A low fat diet will also help to keep those pounds off. Next, take some zinc. Zinc helps the body get rid of enzymes that converts testosterone to estrogen, which causes the increase in fat around the mid section. Taking 50 mg twice a day until you see results will do fine.

Another natural treatment is to increase your Vitamin C intake. Increasing your Vitamin C intake to 1,000-3,000 mg a day for about a month or two will also prevent testosterone levels from being reduced. Taking vitamins and supplements that work to decrease the levels of free radicals will help to protect the pituitary gland that controls hormone production. Increase your daily take of cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower. These vegetables will help break down estrogen levels and prevent it from overtaking testosterone.

The next natural treatment to prevent and eliminate male menopause is to take soy products. Soy will help increase your liver’s ability to process and eliminate excess estrogen, which will leave more testosterone in your system. Drink one cup of soymilk a day. If you don’t like soymilk, you can take 30-50 mgs of the isoflavones supplement a day. One last thing to do is to stop eating grapefruit, which can prevent the liver’s ability to decrease excess estrogen levels.

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