Nature’s Miracle Carpet Cleaner Works Great for Pet Owners

We first discovered Nature’s Miracle when we were having trouble getting out carpet clean. Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats, and in Virginia they were constantly dragging red dirt in. There was a clear kitty path through the house on our beige carpets. A co-worker with a whole zoo in her house recommended Nature’s Miracle, and she gave us some to try. I sprayed it all over the carpet on spots and huge areas of dirt, and it worked! The carpet stains came out, and the red dirt disappeared. We went through the little bottle she gave us quickly, and we ordered some for ourselves.

We started using it on everything. We used it to get food stains off of the couch, wine out of linen pants, and odors out of towels the cats peed on. It works on 99% of the stains and spills, and it is the first cleaner I try for almost everything. When we recently drove across the country with our cats, I used Nature’s Miracle to clean up any accidents in the hotel rooms, and there was no left over odor at all. When we unpacked our area rug after 6 months of storage, it was dingy and dirty. We didn’t get it cleaned before we packed it up, so we were worried it might never look good again. An evening with the Nature’s Miracle and a scrub brush brought it back to life.

I think Nature’s Miracle is a must have if you’re a pet owner. Even if you’re not, it’s a handy bottle to have around for everyday stains. I usually make my own cleaners, and I don’t like shelling out for fancy cleaning products. This one is worth it. I think between vinegar, baking soda, castille soap, and Nature’s Miracle, you probably don’t need any other cleaners at all!

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