Need a Few Extra Dollars?

Are you pinching pennies or finding it hard to put a few dollars in the savings account for Christmas or birthdays? Well you aren’t alone, prices on everything are getting jacked up and the gas prices are just ridiculous. Even with both parents working in a household it can still be hard to find the money for the extra things you need in life. You won’t get rich off the internet but there are a few things that you can do in your spare time to put away a few dollars.

First off, never ever pay for anything, anyone who wants to pay you for something you shouldn’t have to put your money in first. There are a few things that I have found to have a little extra spending money when times get tough. It’s certainly not a reliable income by any means and I don’t want anyone to think they can get rich doing these things. You will need a bank account for paypal or to cash the checks they send though.

I just do surveys, paid to read, paid to sign up, and writing in my spare time to save for Christmas or just give us a few extra dollars with to pay some bills. There are places out there that will tell you that you should buy a list of surveys that pay, well with a little effort and a good search engine they aren’t hard to find. Some of the better paying ones do require that you be invited by a current member or find a banner linking to their website on your own. But there are some forums where people have listed the links to find the survey sites. If you aren’t sure if a survey site or paid to read site actually pays, research them, if they don’t pay people will definitely let you know.

When it comes to paid to read, you can read a advertisement for usually about 20 seconds to receive a cent or a fraction of a cent. Most of these have a cash out that has to be reached before you can get your money. So definitely see if other people have gotten paid before you go clicking away.

Paid to sign up sites are similar to paid to read sites, the only difference is you get paid more to sign up for the sites being advertised. Be careful when signing up with these though, some require a credit card or that you cancel your membership in so many days before you are charged. A lot of people use a spreadsheet when doing these to keep track of when they need to cancel. I haven’t made as much money as some people because I choose not to put my credit card out there. There are offers that you just sign up with your email address and put your name, address, birthdate, etc. But it is pretty easy to make a chunk of change with these sites if they pay.

Surveys are personally my favorite, they usually pay by paypal or check and the highest cash out that I have is $10. Some of these do go buy points though that you can get your money after you have so many points. They also have gift cards that you can receive if you have so many points as well. You just get to decide what your interests are and what type of family you are and they send emails to your email address to invite you to take part in a survey. It’s pretty easy.

Getting paid to write articles and reviews is something that I just got started with. I have made the most money with this, there are websites that pay you to write an article like this one or you can go to other places that will give you points that you can exchange for gift cards or money. You can review a place you visited, a restaurant or company you have been to, or a vacation you went on. Pretty much anything that you know about, you can write about. I always wanted to be a writer and was on my highschool newspaper and yearbook. You can also take pictures or video about whatever is related to what you are writing about to get more points.

Like I said though, this is just a hobby for me to do when I feel like it in my spare time. Don’t think that you can get rich or make an income off this because you can’t. If it were that easy, trust me everyone would do it!

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