Neosporin Works

Now that summer has arrived and people will be spending more time outdoors, the likelihood of receiving a few mosquito bites is high. For some, insect bites are little cause for concern. They may develop a small bump, which itches a little for a couple of days. On the other hand, some people may experience a reaction. This may be accompanied by swelling, severe itchiness, pain, and so forth. Naturally, if this occurs, quick relief is a top priority. Fortunately, there are products available to quickly relieve discomfort associated with insect bites. One such product is Neosporin.

I’ve used Neosporin every summer for the past two years. Up until recently, I never experienced insect bite reactions. However, after receiving a mosquito bite a couple of years ago, Neosporin became my best friend. Aside from helping relieve pain, this product has amazing results when it comes to easing itchiness. Before, I would scratch until my skin hurt, but not any more. At the first sign of itchiness from an insect bite, I apply topical Neosporin to the infected area. Within minutes, the discomfort is relieved.

Because Neosporin is a first aid antibiotic, it can be used to relieve pain associated with a variety of other conditions. For example, if you accidentally burn yourself while cooking or using a curling iron, applying Neosporin to the injury can quickly calm the pain, and assist with faster healing. If using Neosporin on a cut, burn, or scrape, you can expect the injury to completely heal 3 to 5 days quicker. I prefer Neosporin because it functions as an antibiotic and includes a “no-sting” ingredient.

Of course, Neosporin is not intended for deep cuts or serious injuries. Therefore, if you have received a serious burn, animal bite, or an injury that might require stitches, seek medical help. Long term use of Neosporin is not recommended. With this said, seek medical attention if a cut or bite does not heal within one week. Additional pain or slow healing may be a sign of infection. Furthermore, if skin appears irritated by the topical treatment, discontinue use. Persons with sensitive skin may develop a reaction. Once use of the product is discontinued, the skin irritation should clear on its own.

Neosporin is safe for children. If applying to cuts, burns, scrapes, and bites, the topical treatment should be used no more than three times daily. If necessary, cover the injury with a band aide

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