Nevada Bar Exam: A Basic Guide

Doing well on the Nevada Bar Exam will not be an easy thing to do. It will take months of studying and preparation, as well as excellent time management. This three day exam will include both essay exams and multiple choice questions. To prepare for this exam you will need to study legal topics that relate to both Nevada State Law and Federal Law. You will also need to study state and federal procedures if you want to pass the Nevada Bar Exam. This article will outline the topics and information that you will need to adequately prepare for the Nevada Bar Exam.


The state of Nevada has several qualifications to sit for the Nevada Bar Exam. The first requirement is that the candidate be of good moral character. Secondly the candidate must have graduated from an ABA approved law school, and they must have earned a bachelor of law. The state of Nevada also requires that their attorney candidates be free of mental and emotions disorders that could interfere with their ability to practice law, this includes substance abuse. They must also have a financial history that shows that they are responsible financially, and this includes being current with child support, spousal support, and other court ordered payments. The final requirement is that the candidate must take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam and pass it with a score of at least 85 points.


To register to sit for the Nevada Bar Exam you will need to download, print out, complete, and submit an application package. These can be found on the State Bar of Nevada’s website.

State Bar of Nevada
600 East Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
(702) 382-2200 Local Telephone Number


The Nevada Bar Exam is a three day event that is given is Reno and Las Vegas during the last week of February and during the last week of July. On the first day of the exam you will be given four Nevada State Essay Exam questions and the Multistate Performance Test. On the second day you will be given the Multistate Bar Exam, which consists of 200 multiple choice questions. Then on the third and the final day of the Nevada Bar Exam you will be given four more essay questions.


To prepare for the Nevada Bar Exam Essay you should review the following topics:

1. Constitutional Law
2. Evidence
3. Contracts
4. Criminal Law and Procedure
5. Real Property
6. Torts
7. Remedies
8. Community Property
9. Conflict of Laws
10. Persons and Domestic Relations
11. Corporations
12. Agency and Partnership
13. Wills, Estates, and Trusts
14. Uniform Commercial Code
15. Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure
16. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

To study for the Multistate Performance Test study the following skills:

1. Problem Solving
2. Legal Analysis and Reasoning
3. Factual Analysis
4. Communication
5. Organization and Management of a Legal Task
6. Recognizing and Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

For a study materials please check out the following links:

1. Nevada Rules of Civil Procedures located at
2. Nevada Rules of Criminal Procedures located at
3. Nevada Codes located at
4. Uniform Commercial Code located at
5. You can request sample MEE essay questions by writing to: National Conference of Bar Examiners, 402 West Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53703-3614

On the final day of the Nevada Bar Exam you will take the Multistate Bar Exam. This exam will be made up of 200 multiple choice questions that cover the following topics as they are generally applied throughout the United States of America:

1. Constitutional Law
2. Contracts and Sales
3. Criminal Law and Procedures
4. Evidence
5. Real Property
6. Torts

If you would like a study guide for this section you can visit the NCBE website at

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