Never Enough

There are times in my life, as I live as a Christian; as I attend church; and as I live in this world, that I find myself wanting more of a closer walk with Jesus. Sure, sworn loyalty to Him has already been stated, and a great change has taken place, yet its never enough to me just to attend service, or just to sing songs. Indeed, I enjoy every bang of the drum and the lively Christian praise that follows suit; however, there is so much more of God that I want- to be closer still.

Those who have not come to that saving grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus may not understand the pull to draw away from this world with all its lust, hatred, vanity, and sin in order to know the Transcendent, the Holy, the Righteous One.

Bible reading guides me along; for it is said to study to show yourself approved, ready to give an answer for the truth that you believe in ( note the paraphrase). So again and again the Holy Writ is explored; and indeed, a closer walk with God is achieved.

Prayer brings me closer, trusting God with all things: the good, bad, and the ugly- much ugly. This brings the relationship I need to go on.

Even with this I want more of Him. May I say, forgive the usage, I’m greedy for God: for I want more of Him today, tomorrow and forever.

I write not these things as if I have no knowledge of him, but only wanting to surpass the state I am in now; what a glorious day it will be to walk in the Day that shall never end. Then; I truly believe, it shall be enough.

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