New Age Politics Beyond the Polarization Game

It has been said amongst civil historians that the ominous sign of a free society in serious decay is when governmental and cultural institutions both show signs of rampant infiltration by the misfit, the dimwit and the half wit.

It’s safe to say that 230 years after our birth immortalized in anthem song by Francis Scott Key, those days in America have come. Ancient Rome had Caligula and Nero, we’ve had…well, you know. This is much too early. The old Republic lasted for a millennium. What is happening to us?

One needs not a crystal ball, a crack pot’s mentality, a prophet’s foresight or a statistician’s data to see what’s actually going on. 5 years after 9/11, the 2 party system is two sheets to the wind and way out of touch and step with “We The People” and the prevailing temperament of a mad and restless unrepresented majority in this country who deal in cold, hard reality and not focus groups, poll surveys, special interests or political correctness.

At this time in our history, the polarization game of an inept two party system no longer works. We are at a crucial crossroads wherein the utopian idealism of the democratic experiment is still exclusively defined by the protection of rich or poor minorities while the masses remain largely neglected and isolated from the issues.

Conservative right wingers have sold the US out to the 3rd world for cheap labor. Liberal left wingers want to keep our borders open for an endless unassimilating wave of illegal aliens who drive down wages and downsize the job market
in much the same way as corporate powers that be who outsource our wealth and economy.

The American candle of freedom is buring at both ends. Political power only defined by the greed of the rich and the need of the poor threatens our survival. When unwelcome foreign nationals threaten to turn us into a global slave wage state, we’re in dire straits. When the rich sell our future to the bottom line, we’re as Lincoln warned, a land raped and pillaged by the money power.

This is a surefire recipe for our end days. Only admitting the truth can get one elected in a post 9/11 world. Parties of rich or poor only hasten our apathetic decline because they see only themselves, and not red, white and blue.

An America lead by the selfish or selfless is old hat. Moreover, far too many White House ascendants have proven themselves to be caricatures or characters and not leaders. Likable folks who mean well but aren’t bright or fair enough to lead our country. The American public yearns for a Jimmy Stewart from Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and not another Hee Haw partisan fool.

As a student of history, logic, common sense and fairness, I honestly don’t believe political business as usual will survive the 2008 election. This time if 3rd party independents are unjustly shut out of the political process, then there will be major chaos, upheaval and civil unrest the free world has never seen.

These days, the only political sanity resides in the hearts, minds and souls of real middle class people who pay the tab for a system that has failed us. Only a 3rd party will save the future of this country. A party that represents us all, not just Juan coming across the border or John who doesn’t wanna pay taxes.

Again, I hate to use Rome as a role model for this country. But we all know what the English did to Native Americans to establish this great nation. New leaders need to be as courageous as our forefathers once were. Say and do what’s cruel to be kind and not just what’s kind to be cruel so as to speak for the silent majority.

Only a maverick eccentric willing to stand true to universal convictions and accept the necessity of a 3rd party will wield crossover political clout as a viable Presidential candidate in ’08. But said hopeful must avoid the left and right extremists who practice divisive separatism and instead appeal to the long forgotten middle man in the street who has no voice.

We can’t trust only in money and work, fame and gain, and then let disloyal 3rd world immigrants come here and outpopulate and sack our soverignty. If they can’t even support a free stable society in their lands of origin, then what happens to us when they become the majority here? Food for thought.

For those who would object to or deny this stance, let me remind you that these aren’t our Granddaddy’s greatest generational immigrants. They fly planes into skyscrapers in the name of religion and foreign flags to secure rights that they haven’t earned as undocumented immigrant law breakers.

In 2008, it’s either more wealth to the top 1%…or more ticks off our unity clock by not addressing the danger of unchecked immigration. It’s not a racial issue or an economic one. You can’t put labels on the laws of nature or simple math. Politicians tread a PC line but they don’t have to live the daily reality that they legislate. They know it and we know it.

Doom and gloom polarization can push or pull us closer to further social downfall depending on whose watch it is. A nice guy whose heart is in the right place and means well will not suffice if he treads the fine line of saying what’s diplomatic to get elected and doing what is hypocritical to remain in office.

Right now US demographics are dominated by 40 somethings. Those lucky enough and blessed to live in our 60s/70s/80 American heyday. At a time when we still had problems but the national consciousness was not defined by a bohemian culture of death to compliment the current chaos of the ruling class.

The zeitgeist is in motion and wheels are turning for change. 2008 will be a banner watershead year in Amerian politics.
New age political policy agenda must reflect majority survival, not rich/poor minority opposition, since Donkeys & Elephants are an endangered species.

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