New Furnace Filters Like the Electrostatic and Vacuums Lead the Way in Fighting Dust

Who didn’t have a grandmother or aunt whose house was known throughout five counties for being dust-free? Of course, to do this grandma had to spend most of her adult life dusting floors, window ledges and her dozens (and dozens!) of knick-knacks.

Assuming you have not chosen to follow in grandma’s dust-free footpath, there are other options to help control the age-old problem of dust in your home.

Did you know dust comes from virtually everywhere? Newspapers, magazines and books produce dust. Living with drywall produces dust. Walking on carpeting creates dust particles. And, of course, open windows and doors also allow dust to enter your house.

While grandma may have been the General George Patton of the dust wars, new products are available which can greatly assist in reducing dust in your home.

Perhaps the most important new product is the electrostatic air filter which can be installed in your furnace. It is used to replace the air filters we slip into our forced air furnaces.

The electrostatic filter is considered by experts to be the easiest, most effective way to trap dust and far more effective than traditional filters.

Owners of these new filters only have to rinse them out monthly and slide them back into place. However, these same owners are often amazed to see the quantity of dust and dirt which goes down the drain while rinsing.

Another problem seen by experts are in the vacuums traditionally used in homes. No matter how good they may be, even the best vacuum allows dirt and dust to escape and be blown back into the house. This is particularly easy to see on a sunny day.

The solution many homeowners now use is a whole house vacuum with the canister located in a garage. This prevents dust from being pushed back into a home as any escaping dust exits the house through the garage.

Also, many homeowners have purchased small dust filters which are placed over the floor vents leading from their furnace. Unfortunately, this may inhibit the flow of air from your furnace and greatly decrease its efficiency. If you wish to use these filters, you might want to check with a furnace professional to determine the effect, if any, on your furnace’s blower.

While dust may be here to stay, it does not have to be the object of constant attention. Look to products which work best in your household and fit into your lifestyle.

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