New, Innovative Pet Products

More than $40 billion will be spent this year on pets nationwide, and according to the US Census Bureau, Americans spend more on their pets than they do on jewelery, toys, or candy! Just in time for the holiday season, companies are releasing products that are innovative and creative. Today, I’m going to talk about some interesting new products that have been released (even some that are still in the developing stages), their cost, and the benefits they may have to your pet.

First, I’m going to talk about a product geared toward making your pet a household name – literally. The dog food company Castor & Pollux Pet Works has introduced “Paw Made” Designer Doggie Labels. These labels feature pictures of (you guessed it), your pooch! You upload your favorite picture, they place the label on cans of dog food, and ship them off to your house. The labels are easily removed enabling you to have a priceless keepsake. The cost of the designer food is $24.99 (plus shipping) for 6 cans. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Pet & Soul Foundation which benefits such charities as: Guide Dogs for the Blind, Project Pooch, AniMeals, and many others. Also worth mentioning is the flavor of the dog food. It is beef, vegetables, and barley stew made from all-natural ingredients that is healthy and safe for your dog.

Next up: The popular outdoor clothing company Columbia announced the beginning of this month their partnership wth RC Pet Products. What does this mean to you? Well in the very near future, you will start seeing an exclusive outdoor clothing line designed just for pets. Hunters and other outdoor fanatics will love the items made for hunting and retrieving dogs. Including vests that will keep her warm through the long, cold hunting nights as well as coats and other accessories. Estimated release time is the fall of 2008, with prices ranging from $12.99 to $21.99 for the accessories and $49.99 to $104.99 for the coats. The cost is well worth it if you are able to keep her warm and comfortable while at the same time spending quality, enjoyable time together.

Another great pet product out on the market is an attachment to your pet’s collar making identification tags a thing of the past. I am talking about a computerized USB tag that hooks directly onto your pet’s collar. This USB tag can be plugged into any computer and would be incredibly useful if your pet every got loose. The chip stores all kinds of information such as feeding requirements, known health conditions, and where to contact the owner. With more and more technology available, people are using their knowledge to make every aspect of our lives easier. If you decide to use the USB tag, be sure the information is updated frequently and also be sure the tag is attached in a way that it is not going to come loose.

Being held in 2008 in San Jose, CA a pet products expo will be filled with companies looking to promote new products. One such company is Midnight Pass. At the expo, they will be revealing 6 new products. The company is looking towards being the leader in pet containment and transportation field specializing in pet beds, carriers and crates. Some of the 6 products they are releasing at the show include:

  • PetCruisers (Wicker, Sport, and Pooch Caboose): A basket that attaches to your bicycle so you are able to ride with your furry companion! Price ranges from $75-$89.95.
  • Auto Pet Cruiser: A device similar to a children’s booster seat, it attaches to the vehicles seat belt and allows your pet the comfort of riding in the car while you get the peace of mind that she is staying safe. The price range on this product os from $99.95-$129.95.
  • Pet Murphy Bed: A stylish alternative to traditional pet beds, this bed will blend in with any decor. It is also incredibly comfortable for your pet, giving her a soft place to sleep. The price is $279.95 and will hold a pet up to 200lbs.

Those are only a few of the new products that company is releasing early in 2008. My whole point is that every single day there are tons of new products being researched and designed to help make life with your pet a lot easier and enjoyable. Take time to do your research on what you are looking for, and compare prices of different items. No matter what amount of money you spend on your pet, be sure she always knows how much you love her by spending time with her and showing her affection, only then will you be able to build a stronger relationship!!

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