New LG VX8300 Cellphone Review

After 2 years I came to the realization that I needed a new phone. My old phone still worked but it was bulky by today’s standards and lacked some of the new functions like ease of adding pictures and an ever needed camera. My contract was with Verizon and with a simple trip to the circuit city where they have a booth, I was told my contract was up. By resigning a 2-year contract I was able to benefit from all the deals and discounts available. Verizon understands there is a heavy competition between all the wireless companies and through a $50 rebate I was able to get a brand new Verizon vx8300 for free. However with little coaxing from the salesman I also bought a memory 512mb trans flash card for $35 and a leather case. This card is well worth it if you plan on saving pictures from your camera phone or adding ringtones and your own wallpapers. The trans card is very tiny though so you have to be careful not to drop it when you insert it into the side of the phone. If you drop the card it will be almost as hard to find as a lost contact lens. On the plus side depending on the card you get, it will come with an adapter to make it an SD card that you can write too or download from if you have the proper reader for your computer. On a side note you cannont upload your own ringtones to the phone via the memory card. You will have buy a usb connector made specificaly for your phone and use a free program called bitpim.

The case is not worth the packaging it came in though and I would suggest not buying it. The salesman put my phone in the case and it fit and looked fine but when I got home I realized a fatal flaw. The vx8300 is a flip phone so when you flip up the top to take a picture the strap on the back of the case soon becomes positioned to where it blocks 85% of the camera lens and blurs the photo where it is not blocking. So needless to say I promptly returned the poorly designed case and used the money to buy a DVD with money to spare.

The phone is very sleek looking in a silver color and has two lcd screens one on the front and one when you flip the phone. In the phone settings they are referred to as Main and Front. Front being the lcd screen on the top of the phone when closed and main being the screen when you flip the phone open. The vx8300 gives you the option to have a different image for each screen and too use your own pix off your trans flash card as wallpaper. This phone is user friendly but only after you have looked at a diagram of the phone in the book that comes along with it. The camera button for instance is on the right side of the phone. The camera is 1.3 megapixels and takes a pretty good picture at a default size of 640×480 but can be changed in your settings to 1280×960. Music on the phone sounds very good with stereo speakers and there is also a place to hook up headphones so you can use it as an mp3 player. Now I say mp3 player but the phone defaults to playing only wma files so you will need to have your music in that format to save yourself grief and trouble. You can enable the phone to read the mp3 format but when I did it still not read the mp3s that I uploaded to the phone. Window media audio files seem to work great and there is not a discernable quality loss listening through the phone speakers. Other features you may find useful or interesting are video playback and bluetooth.

Overall for the price and its features I would recommend this phone to anyone from age 10 to 100. The phone is cool looking, not too big or too small and has all the features a normal person could want.

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