New Product Puts a Cap on Cans

Ever wished you had a lid for your canned drink.

Well if so your wishes have been answered with the creation of Snap Capp.

I discovered the small handy plastic reusable device at a gas station and in my opinion it is wonderful.

It is a plastic re-close able top designed to fit on the top of aluminum cans.

For people like me who work in offices where drinks are not allowed at the desk without a lid of some sort, this is awesome.
It allows me to buy canned sodas again at work.

Some benefits besides the obvious of cutting down on spills are, aluminum cans are recyclable. So now I can purchase a can at work and recycle instead throwing away a plastic bottle.

The Snap Capp keeps you drink fresh, so if you can finish the full serving, you can save it until later instead of dumping the remains.

In most cases canned sodas are cheaper than plastic bottles so you can save money.
The Snap Capp is easy to use, just place it on the can and snap. When done just pop the cap off and wash.

I paid just over $3 for the Snap Capp and I love it.

You can find more about the Snap Capp at www.

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