New Tech Review – Logitech’s MM28 Portable Speaker

Many times, we want to play music on a device that does not have speakers. The only way listen to your music is to use headphones, which work great until more than one person wants to enjoy it. There are plenty of devices that play music and have speakers but in some cases, they do not work well. Laptop computers are a great example; you can of course play and hold tons of music but it the speakers cannot be turned up very high.

Logitech provides the answer with a slim, portable speaker that easily plugs into any device with a headset jack. Most speakers seem to be only compatible for the Ipod, however Logitech has cashed in on this market by providing a universal portable speaker system that is compatible with CD players, MP3 players and more.

The device in a whole is not very complicated to use at all. The only button is the power button. Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the volume from the speakers; you must use the device playing the music to adjust the sound. There system does not come with a remote either. You simply plug it in and turn it on.

The exterior simplicity certainly does not reflect the quality of sound it produces. The MM28 shows off in a stunning fashion what NXT technology can do. NXT harness the natural vibrations of the panel to produce high quality sound for a portable speaker system. This design allows the speakers to be just 25mm thick. Comparing this speaker to other speakers in the same weight class, you will find the MM28 outperforming. If you look at quality compared to cost, it does much better than any other portable speaker out there does. Furthermore, the sound works great at about half throttle. Turn the volume higher and the distortion starts to play a roll. At some point, the music is barely recognizable. If you can keep the sound level down, it is very clear. Keep in mind that other similar portable speaker systems will not be able to fill a room either. Portable systems are not designed to fill an entire room but of course, they have other advantages.

The MM28 is an active speaker system, which means it will not be drain on your CD or MP3 player. This does mean it requires four AA batteries to power the speaker, which lasts up to 45 hours according to the manufacturer. This blows away MP3 players in battery life. It also works on AC, which makes it a very unique for a portable speaker system.

There are other drawbacks including a short cord that plugs into the 3.5mm output jack. If you are using the speaker in a tight situation and you need a long cord, there could be a problem.

The speaker system still can produce high quality sound compared to other speakers in the same price range. It maintains the high quality that we have come to enjoy from Logitech. The unit retails for $80 and if you do not mind the short cord and not having a remote, the sound quality will be well worth the investment. Make sure it will fit your application before buying.

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